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Not that we have anything against extraterrestrials but we really enjoy hiking with Earthlings! The pics below are from the hike we did last Saturday. There was a fair amount of hill climbing during the hike, making for a good workout, but we were able to cool off with a dip in the Indian River near the end. Fun times with good friends!

This morning we’re being picked up by Martin (Providence) to go on a boat tour up the Indian River. As I understand it, no motors are allowed to be used on the river so we’re going to be paddling. It’ll be a nice change to go on a tour where we don’t have to climb any steep hills!


  1. Either you’re getting really good at setting the camera timer and running like crazy, or one of you has figured out how to train a hog to take photos.

    It looks like a wonderful little spot…. we’d love to join you for a hike, if only we had a way to get there!

  2. Awesome pictures! Rebecca’s new “do” looks great too!

  3. Not that I was really looking, but are you guys skinny dipping? I love Bacon!

  4. jennifer R. And Al

    LOVE Rebeccas hair cut, loved the ET in the photo and the pig shot. I find the ZTC logo a bit distracting on the pics ..just sayin’ But that could be my brain injury, doesn’t take much to distract me. Really enjoy keeping track of you “kids”. We are back in Kingston but rather enjoying getting re-connected. We are doing a house/pet sitting stint at my old place on F – street. But we scored a lovely apt. on the 9th floor facing east, so life is still very good. Enjoying space and unlimited water and oh ya….a tub.

  5. Thanks for posting and keeping up with our adventures Mike. I don’t remember the ET on that hike, you know my memory!

  6. Hey looks like fun,

    We were in Dominca on a RCCL cruise a few years back and did the Indian River Tubing – lots of fun. It was really one of our better stops, great island with very friendly folks. There was some doubt if the river tubing would go since it had just rained and there was concern over the white water section. Luckily it went, and while we were waiting on a decision our guide took us to a friends farm near the entry point where we got to sample fresh fruit and hang out… not your regular RCCL excusion.

    When we were looking at the Island maps there did not seem to be many protected anchorages. We were definately adding it to our future cruising plans – this summer we’ll be happy to get out on the bay…

    Keep living it… DC is holding up – saw your buddy Bill Trayfor’s the other day

    II the Max

    • You’re right, there are not a lot of anchorages. There is Portsmouth, where we are now, and Roseau, the capital city. There are a few other places which you can stop but you may need to take a mooring ball due to the depth of the water. I think we’ll be going directly from here to Roseau, when we’re ready to leave that is. Portsmouth is a pretty cool place with nice people.

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