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One of the things I love most about this blog is the large number of regular readers that we have, and the fact that that number is consistently growing larger. I guess we must be doing one or two things right if people keep coming back here (Pay attention potential advertisers and sponsors! 🙂 ). But what is really nice about having a large readership, aside from having the knowledge that there are least a few people reading the stuff that I write each day, is being able to take advantage of it to do some good and help someone else out occasionally.

Those of you following along recently will remember our continued pleas to vote for our friend Carl (Carlton Grooms) in Tommy Bahama’s Rumologist contest. Well, we did a great job because he made it into the Top 10, partially due to our votes. The contest has continued since then with Carl submitting a new video to TB (see below), allowing them to then name the Top 5 candidates. Of course Carl was on the list that they released the other day (we never had a doubt) but now that that’s done, it’s come down to one final round of voting. We now have exactly 1 week to help Carl accumulate a massive amount of votes. I say massive because we can’t let there be any doubt as to who the real winner is. To accomplish this, I’m asking the following 2 favors of you, our loyal readers:

  1. Please VOTE for Carl daily between now and next Monday. Voting once is nice but you are allowed one vote every 24 hours. Please use all opportunities.
  2. Perhaps even more important, please spread the word and encourage your friends to vote too. If you’re involved in the social media scene (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc), please use it to help spread the word. If not, word of mouth works too!

Oh, and just in case you weren’t absolutely certain that Carl is the right man for the job, read the personal statement that he submitted to Tommy Bahama as per their contest guidelines. I think it’ll be the final straw to convince you.

Thanks in advance everyone, I know we can do this and help our buddy win the prize he deserves!



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