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For the past 118 days, although we have had a few choices to make with respect to where we would stop along the way, we have essentially been following a path of breadcrumbs similar to that which most other snowbirds follow. With our pending crossing to the Bahamas, all that is about to change. Once we jump the gulf stream, there will be no canal or ditch to follow but instead, wide open water from anchorage to anchorage. In some ways this will be easier but in many others, it will be more challenging, taking a lot more planning and thought on our behalf. The Bahamian charts and guidebooks that have been quietly resting on our shelves and in our navigation station are about to get some exercise.

By the way, our first experience celebrating US Thanksgiving was awesome. Thank you so much Robert and Theresa for inviting us into your home. We had an incredible time!


  1. Some years in the future I see my self following your path south. Take careful notes and post lots; your blog will become my guidebook!

    Blogs tend to be more truthful than guides, since the best stories always seem to be stories of misadventure.

  2. I am so glad that you are getting ready to take off for the Bahamas! Your goal, at last in sight! I remember when you first started out you talked about maybe someday going to the Bahamas. Guess what? Someday is here! Bravo! Keep blogging and taking and posting pictures. I love that you are letting all of us come vicariously with you!

  3. It’s only a couple of inches on the chart. You’ll be fine! 😉

    (this is a long standing joke in our family. when taking road trips and wanting to veer off the planned route to see something interesting, it was always my argument)

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