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Every once in a while I consult our blog's statistics page to see where our visitors are coming from. Yesterday, as often happens when I see a source that I don't recognize, I followed a link to a thread on a cruising forum. The content of the thread isn't all that important but one post on it was by someone who professed to be a former reader of this blog. He said that he stopped visiting because my daily posts seemed forced, as if I had nothing to write about but felt compelled to post to simply “keep the hits coming in.” True? Yes and no.

Because we seldom go a day without posting, I do know that there are a number of people who would wonder “what's up?” if I were to miss a day and so, for this reason, I do feel a bit of a responsibility to at least make an effort. As for not having anything to say though, that is hardly accurate. I have an entire list of topics that I want to discuss and will post about them when I'm so inspired. Today though, I have nothing of a nautical interest to share. So, if you're one of those guys, you might want to tune out now. 🙂

If this content posts properly, credit goes to the iPad app Blogsy. If it does not, blame it on operator error. Don't see any pics? That's because I haven't quite figured that part out yet.

Today I am posting from our new iPad mini because we dropped our MacBook Pro at the Apple store in Temecula. As I posted before, the trackpad stopped working and although I was using a mouse as a workaround, I thought I'd take a crack at getting it repaired while here. I am a huge fan of Apple products, having been a customer for over 20 years. I am now a real fan of the service they offer in their stores too. Things break, that is a fact that boaters know all too well. The systems that Apple have organized in their stores to deal with service issues should be studied by retail outlets everywhere. I won't bore you with the details but after promising to try to squeeze our repair job in so that we could pick the computer back up on Sunday, we received an email only a few hours after we had left to say that they had already completed the job. Happy? Very!



  1. I never had good luck using the iPad for blog posts, mainly because of the pictures. Let me know if you figure out a way. Good luck!

  2. That person is (sorry for the strong language) an idiot. Completely an idiot.

    I have yet to read a post from you I consider ‘forced’. Some people…. all they know how to do is b**ch and moan. Looked at Trip Advisor ever?

    As a very wise man once said (and that would be Aesop) You can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. You can rest assured that you please most of the people all of the time with your very informative and entertaining posts.

    Now… on to the Mac… that is GREAT news. Glad they could fix it.

    And on to the better news… how are you enjoying that GORGEOUS granddaughter? I saw the photo of her and Rebecca on FB and she is so beautiful. Methinks you are going to have a difficult time come departure day.

  3. Check out lifeproof cases. They are a godsend for boaters using iProducts.

  4. I did my last two post from the iPad. It is kind of a hassle but it can be done. I find writing the post first on note pad, then paste into WordPress , via the web browser, then add pictures works ok.

  5. Glad you are pleased with your Apples.

    I have had the opposite experience. Now firmly android.


    • I assume you have only used iPods and iPhones, or did you have an apple computer?

      I have been using macs since PCs were all still run on DOS. I know nothing else.

      • I have been using pods, pads and computers. I only have one remaining client still using Apple at all, and that is strictly for catalogue and magazine publishing quarterly. They manage to keep 4 of their Macs working at any one time to do that job.

        The miscellany of other kit now used is astonishing and is a credit to the inter-operability now available. I would never have thought it a few years ago!

        I hope Rebecca, daughter and grand-daughter are now locked in a private bubble of happiness. More pics please!

        Good luck.


  6. Many responses initially come to mind, none of which would be appropriate language for your blog, so I will just say that I, for one, look forward to your post each and every morning. I would wonder “what’s up?” if you didn’t post. Personally, I think you should have the post completed no later than 6:00AM Eastern so I am not having to wait, but that is just my humble opinion. Never, have I ever sensed that any of your posts have been “forced”. Some are longer and more detailed than others, but each is interesting and relevant. There is always a lesson to be learned and I guess that this lesson would be that even in the sailing / cruising community, there are those who could be described as a void surrounded by a sphincter muscle? The important thing for you is that this person is a FORMER reader. Again, if someone feels that they are not getting their money’s worth, they can always request your “double your money back guarantee”!

  7. Hi,
    I am using blogsy too. A pretty nice program. Pics shouldnt be too many at the same time (like 20 😉 and it does not like bad internet connection. But its fun and easy to work with.
    And the support is very good and quick in answering.

  8. Mike, I feel your site is one of the best. I get more out of your post than all the others. You cover everything and I always look forward to your post. Everyone has an opinion and not to mention all the critics. Your site is also very easy to navigate around, with many great links and please continue to keep sharing . My question would be is there anymore sites as good as yours? I will always keep reading yours, I just want to keep reading. ZTC has given lots of great information and not to mention you guys have totally got me hooked on catamarans. I use to wonder who would want one, now after all my research, who wouldn’t want one. You guys are awesome and keep posting please, even if it’s a picture of a dog or a baby, Ill still read it.

  9. I’ve used Blogsy a couple of times but as I’m such a slow learner, it’s been very tedious for me. I don’t have an adapter to download pictures so I’ve just been posting pictures that I take with my iPad although the quality of some of them isn’t that great. If you have pictures in Picasso you can access those and post also. I do love my iPad but I really need to take time to appreciate all it can do.
    BTW, you have a very informative blog and I think anyone who criticizes it is probably just jealous.

    • Thanks, Laura. I JUST purchased an SD Card reader for our iPad so that I can import pics from my camera. I doubt the iPad will take over from our laptop but it is a powerful tool.

  10. I have been following your blog since Sept. 2011 and have found nothing that I consider ‘forced’.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Did you guys hit any of the Temecula wineries?

  12. Ridiculous comment about being “forced”. If you wrote everyday was fireworks, I’d relegate your site to the fiction shelf! That being said, do you ever feel like scaling back the frequency to something like every other day so you don’t feel any pressure from us?

    As Apple products, I’m a fan! Have had repairs done in a timely manner, the products work great. What’s not to like? I’m already assembling weatherfax and navigation systems to work with my Mac so I don’t have to go to the dark side when we finally take off!

    Lastly, I lived in Temecula for a year back in ’89. I imagine it’s changed quite a bit!

    • The truth is I write every day because I enjoy writing every day. As long as I have wifi to do so, it’s easy. The lack of internet occasionally stresses me but I don’t get too worked up about it. Rebecca might not agree about that last part though. 🙂

  13. I enjoy your blog. I could probably sit here and try to put up some hypothesis of why would someone would not enjoy your blog, but it was coming out a bit harsh and rather insulting for that person. So, to play nice [insert first 4 words of this comment again and leave it at that]. :-D. My opinion, as far as notebooks, pads, etc. they all have their pros and cons and one will never replace the other. They are complements…again, just my opinion.


  14. I’ve found many forums out there to be haunted by those people as Chip so delicately put it “described as a void surrounded by a sphincter muscle”. LMAO…Love that! Anyone to say that about your site is probably better off not having as a regular visitor. I love the site and have learned tons since we found you guys last year. Sometimes I will go a few days not able to visit and when I get back on, I read back over all the posts I’ve missed. Keep posting…those of us following will keep on reading:) Thanks for sharing with us. Posting as regularly as you do, I feel like I know you personally…

  15. Mike,

    You know one of the advantages of being my age is that I just simply do not give a s*!#t what anybody else thinks. I write on our blog also because I love to write and because people like you have helped us so much in the preparation for our journey that if I can help even one other person with our blog then it’s worth it. Let ’em bitch, let ’em go and just keep on keepin’ on. Write for yourself and let the rest of us glean what we can when we can.

    Thanks for your willingness to share both the good and the engine..uhh bad… stuff.

    S/V Kintala

  16. Hi to you both, I totally agree with what Ed said, and thanks for sharing, long may you feel like doing so,

    regards Rob

  17. Many tech pros use the Scotty method (AKA The Scotty Principle) for estimating. Apple folks behind the counter are no different. Now, if only other industries would adapt the Scotty method, people like me would no longer be called “miracle worker”. 🙂

  18. Mike, I usually do not respond to these type of post but feel the need to for this one. I check your site every day. I look forward to your insight in particular on boating, etc… When you dont post i feel slightly cheated. Your writing style is entertaining and unique. I feel you probably reach a very broad culture in your post as an example Iam a born again Christian that does not drink, etc… When on a rare time there is something i feel a little uncomfortable with i just move on and enjoy the rest of the post. If you reach a really social stick in the mud like me you are truly appealing to a very wide group. I hope you continue to post for many years to come. BTW, I think alot of people really enjoy those scenic island photos
    that show to me just how much beauty GOD created in this old world.

  19. I’m still enjoying your daily posts. I’m impressed with your efforts and don’t feel like you are forcing anything. Looking forward to your further travels and hoping you keep us in the loop.

  20. What was the problem with your trackpad? Did you have the jumping cursor?
    What was done to fix it?

    • Yes, the jumping cursor. As Murphy would have it, when I opened up the computer in front of the the service guy, the trackpad worked perfectly! They did swap the top case because there were a couple of keys in the top right corner that wouldn’t work (delete plus volume keys). I tested the trackpad at the store when I picked it up and all was well. Then I took it home where, of course, it stopped working again. 🙁 Of well, at least the mouse works.

  21. Mike,

    That person is just showing how valuable you are to the VAST majority of us who really enjoy and appreciate your efforts. I have been reading other blogs as well, and all except one have you and Rebecca listed in their favorites. I still have to hear from you guys or my day is just not quite right. Your efforts are appreciated far more than you might imagine by a LOT of people (And I think he/she sees that). Unfortunately, that will bring out the Haters. Some people can not stand to see others succeed. But remember….It’s all good!

  22. I have your blog set up in an RSS feed that I check from work. Your daily pics and information “takes me away” for a few minutes each day. I not only enjoy your blog, but if you and Rebecca are traveling, I feel like a friend after years of getting to know you both and worry until hearing you landed safely. So please granddaughter, workouts, travel buddies, volleyball…keep the posts coming.

  23. I blog too and I also feel it is a responsblity to atleast put something on I was once told if I dont feel like it just put anything on there but I take more pride than that in what I do.

  24. Ok Mike, here are my thoughts on the subject from the start of your post…..(not that my opinion matters but you are always good at letting people have their say so here goes). I have been a Police Officer for 16 years and the single, most important thing that I have learned is that no matter how hard you try you are not and cannot please everybody. Also, the people that you cannot and will not please will ALWAYS have to spout something negative, they cannot help themselves because that’s who they are….just negative people.
    The people that read and follow your blog may not be interested in every single topic that you post about, but we appreciate the fact that you put in the effort to keep us entertained and informed. Keep it up! I wish you safe journeys.

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