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Many people have asked about the food and drink aspect of our coming venture. While not as easy for me to write about as fixing a carburetor, we are treating this subject no less importantly. Interestingly enough, although the boat we are on is relatively large, of even more concern to us than food preparation and service is storage for provisions. There really isn’t a lot space for that. We will, of course, work all those details out in due course.

Rebecca has continued to take a great interest in cooking as of late. Right this moment, while I am typing this post, she is sitting at the table with me thumbing through a cooking book and taking notes. Along with my coffee this morning, she served me freshly baked banana cinnamon muffins. What’s not to like about that?

I do have to update the photos for our charter website and the following photos are definitely NOT for that purpose. They are mearly a few pics that I have snapped of the plates that Rebecca has placed in front of me. As you can probably guess, we are eating well!

Authentic Caribbean Chicken Roti


Chicken Curry Salad with Cucumber Slices

World’s Best Nachos — Seriously!

Vegetarian Pad Thai

This morning’s Banana Cinnamon Muffins


    • That shows she loves me. 😉

    • PS. Another “don’t use too much” but very tasty condiment is called Lizano. It is a Costa Rican thing, but with with a different pizzazz than Siracha.

      • I’ll keep my eyes open for it. The typical yellow hot sauce here, referred to by locals simply as pepper, it very hot!

        • Yes I am familiar with that sauce! Rebecca’s Roti looks awesome! Did she roll it with chick peas and everything? So Lizano is very tasty, but not hot. We make a chicken dish that involves sauteing boneless chicken thighs in olive oil, garlic, and a little cracked pepper. Once the chicken is about done, we drop either kale or spinach in it and let it sweat down. then toss in a little Lizano, maybe a tablespoon. Then it goes on top of Risotto/Rice/whatever. I suspect Callalo is more available than kale or spinach.

          • Yes, callaloo is regularly available in Grenada. Rebecca has been attending cooking classes here and I understand that they will be making callaloo soup this week.

  1. Food looks great Rebecca…..One thing I have learned is keep menu simple, buy as you cruise (helps with storage and freshness) and I like the heart moto on the food….I need to do a charter with you guys

  2. Pass along that Roti recipe. I have been looking for one that is boat friendly!

  3. Hey, that’s going to be a big deal to the guests!

    My favorite island dish is Jamaican stew fish; I was introduced to it in Jamaica, of course. I also learned, since it is heavy in fresh ginger, it helps with motion sickness. Just my 2 cents.

  4. OK… I’ve got to know how you made the heart-shaped pancakes. AWESOME!

  5. Is Rebecca taking cooking lessons from BB? I did. Great info.

    D & Don

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