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When it comes to exercise, we all know there are two types of people: those that do it and those that don’t. Those that do actually exercise do so in a variety of different ways though as not everyone enjoys doing the same thing.

For me, I prefer to start my day with a structured workout and then fill the remainder of my free time with other physical activities such as hiking, running, kayaking, volleyball, swimming, etc. For others, the idea of doing any kind of structured workout does not appeal to them. They would instead much rather spend their days doing something physical such as the activities I just listed. Then there are those who prefer to do a workout, structured or not, once a day or once every 2 days and then spend the remainder of their time resting.

Mike and I at the top of Diamond Rock. We climbed it again this past Sunday.

So that brings me to my question: “What kind of exerciser are you?” I am not going to say that one way is better than the others. It all depends on what makes you happy. The results you receive will determine if what you are doing is sufficient for the goals that you want to achieve. In other words, if you are the type that works out 3 or 4 times a week and then spends the remainder of the day resting, keep doing that as long as you are happy with the results you are getting. If, however, you are not satisfied with the outcome of this kind of fitness plan, change it. Become more active by looking for every opportunity to get some exercise. Obviously doing any form of exercise is better than doing none but the more you get off your butt and move, the better. You decide!

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