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Still sore from the weekend’s exertions, I spent much of yesterday comfortably seated in our salon, quietly researching and writing one of the hiking eBooks that I promised so long ago. Like many activities, the hardest part is getting started and I think that once I got going, I actually made some reasonable progress. I do find it hard to write more than one thing at a time though and thus, after waking up today and immediately resuming my work on the eBook, I have little mental energy left over to post on this blog. Soooo… I’m going to turn it over to you.

We already have a pretty thorough list of links on our Research Page but I think it would rock to have the most complete list. I’ve had a couple of people message me recently asking if I’d add their link to our list. But, if I’m going to do an update, why not a big update? If you have a boating-related blog (I’d like to keep the list on topic please) that you actually update from time to time (long out-of-date blogs suck), post your link in a comment here. I plan to update that page later this week and when I do so, I’d love to add your link too!

Can you guess which waterfall this is and where it’s located?


  1. Ahh yes, the Great Big List o’ Links page. I probably ought to clean mine up too. Some of what I used to read now sucks, and most of what I read now isn’t on there yet….

  2. Mike, you’ve already added our blog, but just wanted to thank you again for making this offer – I love your resources page and have used it many times – this is a great service that you are providing to cruisers and soon-to-bees.

  3. I love the Bums blog, has to be in the top 3 of current sailing related blogs, along with ZTC of course.

  4. I loved that sail blogging article! As someone who’s just starting our sail blog (its a right of passage at this point) and someone who regularly works with bloggers for my day job, his assessment was spot on!

    On another note, don’t let the bikini photos comment get to you. It’s a sailing blog in the Caribbean for goodness sake. As soon as we make our way down there come January it will be pretty much nothing but bikinis for myself as well.

  5. Thanks mike,, a wharram tiki 36 in planning stage.

  6. Hi Mike,

    We are blogging about the process of boat acquisition as well as the adventures afloat here:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. We follow both you and the “Bums” (Bumfuzzle). Your experiences have been very enlightening! Rebecca has been a big inspiration to me getting in shape.

    We have put a bid on a boat and are awaiting the survey.

    We have a 12 year old son and a cat named Ying Yang.

  7. I keep links on my blog sidebar mostly for my own use. Blogs I read, equipment manuals for stuff I’ve got, and information I could book mark but I find it handy to have on-line in case I’m using a borrowed computer.

    The one sort of link I see missing from your list is weather links. NOAA. Windfinder. There are grib sites I don’t used but would be needed if I went further off-shore. Soconsider adding a few of your favorite weather resouces.


    The good news about writing a guide: once you get a solid framework down and the general details in, up-dating and filling in when you revisit favorites ordiscover something new is pure fun. You are encouraged–even more so–to look for things off the beaten path, and that is pure joy. The original effort was daunting, but as an example, my guide has grown about 30% over 3+ years, as I keep poking around. Sometimes a new chapter, sometimes a minor change in description, sometimes a minor rewrite of something awkward to read, and always an improvment. It becomes a labor of love.

  8. Thanks Mike. You’re one of the top blogs I follow. Here’s ours.

    Mike M.

  9. Hi Mike, I’ll be back in the water in Jan for the entire winter and spring. Will be hanging in the upper WI in February then downwind to Corpus Christi by May via Caymans, Jamaica, and Yucatan. I hope we can get together. Here is one that I read after ZTC: The Attainable Adventure.

  10. Mike – I try to update about once a week, but we don’t have advertising and I work for nobody other than myself. Sorry to see that you didn’t make it down to Chaguaramas. We’re heading North in November. Please add my blog to your list. Thanks.

  11. Thanks for the opportunity Mike. is our blog. We just try to have a light, funny blog about our misadventures, learning along the way!

    I am an inland sailor as of now but enjoy your blog immensely. I would appreciate if you would add mine. Thanks.

  13. Blog:
    Status updates as we get S/V Magnolia and crew ready to join the class of 2013 headed for the Bahams!

  14. As a prodigious sailblog junky. (this has replaced TV for me). If it’s not too much trouble. Could you categorize them between Pacific and Atlantic side blogs. While I find those wacky west coasters interesting, I like hearing about my closer area like the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, the Atlantic coast and even the Great Lakes Loopers. I’m actually close enough to help out someone doing the loop, ie: offer rides for provisioning in the Alabama area. I would have loved to have met George on his run down river.

    Did I get off topic?

  15. Our blog is Blue Pearl spent the summer in Puerto Rico while we returned home to Canada. We return to PR next week. Maybe we will cross paths in Grenada in the spring!

  16. Hi folks! Always enjoy your updates, and thanks for the invitation! I’m geeking-out an Amazon 44 steel sailboat with lab, piano, and distributed gizmology… the blog is here:

    Fair winds,

  17. Hi Mike,

    File this under “been there, done that, maybe again in the future but differently.” 😉

  18. love your blog! here’s our nascent blog about our nascent journey 🙂

  19. Hey Mike,

    You’ve been a daily read since I found your site. My wife and I are just starting down the path you are traveling and are blogging about our experiences as we go. Can’t manage daily posts, yet, but hopefully it is entertaining/useful to someone.

    We’re currently trying to figure out the mono versus cat debate. How’d you guys decide on a cat?


  20. Hi from Gibraltar

    I like checking up on you guys to see how you’re doing! We do keep our boating site up to date pretty well. Hope you like it. We also make a television show about sailing…. Distant Shores.

    I also do a specific boat blog on more technical things..

    As we prepare for our 5th transatlantic crossing Canaries –> St MArtin. We might meet up as we will be heading south through the islands in January.

    Paul Shard
    SV Distant Shores II – Gibraltar


    Although I understand if you don’t want to add me, since I don’t seem to be writing much these days…and since more often than not it seems to be related to the charters and not just cruising and living aboard.

  22. Hi Mike,

    I hope we’re not too late. As we’re cruising we have been without Internet for a couple days. It would be great if you could add our link – we’ve had you linked from the beginning and thanks for all the advice and inspiration.

    Brian & Judy
    S/V Sweet Escape

  23. Mike,
    You can move our blog (BlameBuffett) from the planning list to the out there list. We left Lorain, Ohio just over three weeks ago and are now in New York City. Will be sailing Sandy Hook to Cape May soon…any advice?
    Thanks, we enjoy your blog.

  24. Leaving NOv 4th with the Salty Dawg Rally out of Hampton Roads, VA 1500nm to BVI. We lan on doing BVI, Anguilla, St. Barths, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Statia, St. Kitts and US Virgins in 6 months and then put her on a hurricane Pad in PR for the next hurricane season…

  25. Thanks for the links everyone. I have added (or updated) all of the links posted above this. If you believe your link should be in a more appropriate category please post here. I also added a new section on weather links as Drew requested. Enjoy.

  26. Hey Mike and Rebecca,
    Sorry I’m a little late in responding to this post, but we’d love to be included in your Resource Page. It was coming across your blog this past May that gave us the idea to start our own and while we are still land based right now and writing more about diving than cruising, the idea is to become self-sufficient divers so we can fund a cruising kitty one day. We are still in the “want a boat” phase: 😉

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