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Severe thunderstorms are imminent or occurring. Be on the lookout for tornados!

That was last Thursday evening’s weather. We were able to make it home from work prior to the storm beginning but we could see the distant lightning as we were driving to the marina. The first thing we did upon arriving to our boat was to check to ensure that all of the dock lines were secure. Part way through preparing dinner (a wonderful concoction of leftovers and Ramen noodles) we were visited by the marina owner, Hub, who was doing rounds, making sure everyone’s boat was secure. He suggested that if we had a couple of extra dock lines we further spiderweb our boat, connecting it to the two adjacent docks. I searched in the forward lockers and after finding a couple, did as he suggested. He also commented that a danger in big storms is flying debris. I took that as a hint to remove any items from the deck that might inadvertently take flight in some big winds. That included unscrewing our new barbecue from the rail and hiding it in the cockpit. While working to secure our boat we were visited by Neil, who along with his wife Marilyn, own the only other catamaran in our marina. They are leaving for the Bahamas in a few weeks time. We promised to get together at some later point to chat and tour each other’s boats. While chatting he suggested that we remove the drain plug from our dinghy before the rain started pouring. Another good suggestion (just need to remember to put it back in). So, after all that, were we visited by any tornados? Fortunately not. Although the wind did pipe up and the rain came down with some lightening, I think the storm didn’t turn out to be quite as bad as it could have. The work we did in preparing for it though was not only prudent, but it was excellent practice!

The one bit of storm damage that is effecting us is our marina’s Wifi connection was knocked out (hence the delay in blog updates). Hopefully that is resolved soon.

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