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The water pump saga is ongoing, but together with our easy-to-please guests, we’re making the best of it. After working on it over the weekend, one of the mechanics from Palm Tree Marine was able to deliver and install the “repaired” pump on Monday morning. With no leaks to be seen, we immediately made plans to cast off from our mooring ball, and sail around the coast to the snorkel park. We had a pleasant and uneventful trip there, and enjoyed a calm anchorage, some nice snorkeling, and a beautiful sunset.

Leaving Glover Island to Starboard.

Always a fun experience.

No green flash but beautiful nonetheless.

When we set off from there the following morning, Tuesday, with plans to sail to Carriacou, our luck ran out. We only made it as far as Halifax Harbor before our bilge alarm went off, signaling me to check the engine room. Before I even opened the door, I knew what I’d find… the pump was leaking. Once again, we found ourselves with virtually no wind to sail, so it took us a couple of hours to limp back to St. Georges. Not cool!

So calm she could work out while we were underway.

Limping back to St. Georges with a WEST wind!

Coming to grips with the fact that we needed a new pump, we made some calls and determined that the Sherwood pump that I mentioned would do the job. Mike from Palm Tree sourced one for us, and we understand that it’s presently on its way to Grenada via FedEx. In the meantime, we still have guests to entertain so yesterday, we set off on shore once again, making our way by local bus to one of our favorite waterfalls. According to our friends, it was not a bad Plan B!

Everyone loves Mt. Carmel

Knowing that our guests were eager to go sailing though, we sent out a bunch of emails to our friends, looking for options. Ultimately, with a decent breeze to propel us, we raised anchor this morning with the intention of sailing to the south coast, engine or no engine.

A fantastic sail to windward!

As it turned out, we had an excellent sail. We reached down the leeward coast, and after rounding Pt. Salines, beat our way to windward with a 20 knot SE breeze. Everyone on board got to take their turn helming the boat, and our new crew members did a fantastic job getting us to the east. After several tacks, we were lined up perfectly to sail right into Mt. Hartman Bay, and even anchored under sail with no need of the engine. Take that, water pump!!!


  1. Local knowledge and some planning ( and wind) can make up for the lack of engine.

    Unless you have twin engines, you assume the engine can leak or even die at any time. We go out knowing we may have to sail back, possibly. That is plan C.

    Your engine wasn’t totally unusable was it? It just leaked water badly. In an emergency could you have motored for a short time?

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