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Today’s trip to visit our baby…

Sadly, the water is still much too “hard” for boats!

What is this other “dock” doing parked where our boat should be?

Getting inside to check the state of our batteries is a fairly athletic endeavor.

Unless of course you can hang upside down at the drop of a hat like Rebecca!

Check out this cool boat we saw at a different marina! Note the ratlines (steps) leading aloft. Nice!


  1. I feel like I live in Florida after reading this!

    Actually, we still have snow in the shadows and huge piles here and there, but the crocuses are starting to poke a little green up.

    • Well, I’m glad that I could brighten your day, Drew. 🙂

      The truth is that although the water is still frozen, I think I am going to call the shrinkwrap guy tomorrow and have him come take the wrap off. Then I can start on some of the projects to be done before launch day.

  2. Tools… a few more!

    I was sailing yesterday, and needless to say a few things came up (port engine stopped shifting just as we were backing in).

    * Hemostats (fishhooks and tight spots on engines)
    * Small bungee cords. In this case, they hold linkages in place while I find a new clip. I have used these under the hood on cars many times, too.
    * Small SS wire brush
    * Wire gate carabiners. I always seem to have a use for ~ 4 extras (not used on harnesses) for rigging temporary “stuff”. For certain it’s the climber in me, but climbers use them for good reasons.
    * Sewn slings. Also very handy for “rigging.” I often prefer a prusik hitch with a sling and a biner over a rolling hitch; it’s faster and more idiot proof.
    * 2-inch tubular webbing for chafe protection. About 6 x 18″ pieces should do. Secure with cable ties.

    Yeah, 90 pounds might be right. Depends on what you count.

    • Good suggestions, and I have all of those minus the hemostat. To be honest I needed to google hemostat to find out what is was. Perhaps some of my medical friends who read this blog have a couple of extras which are “no longer suitable for people use” lying around???

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