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One of the biggest challenges I have found with exercise on the boat is getting a good cardiovascular workout in. Fortunately for me, I love to dance. I have been dancing since I was about 3 years old and it is one thing that I just cannot give up. I spent many hours practicing jazz, modern, tap and ballet dancing. Later (about 6 or 7 years ago), I took up pole dancing which I became quite proficient at and really enjoyed this addition to my dancing. Sadly, we could not find a way to put a pole on our boat so up until now, I have been using the rolled up jib on the forestay as a substitute (not quite vertical but I can still do tricks). The bow of our boat is large enough for me to move around and work up a bit of a sweat. I love to learn new things though especially when it comes to dance. We recently met some young people here in Georgetown who performed at a bonfire using poi.

I really want to try this but I think I’ll need to practice a LOT without fire first! I have found a few sites on line that show how to make practice poi.

I love acrobatic arts so I have also been searching for something other than a pole that I can easily rig up and use.

This family uses silks on their boat to perform.

Another device that would be fun to try.

A much simpler device that I have recently been playing around with. No problem finding rope on our boat!

So far I have been taking the rope ashore and rigging it up to a tree. We are planning to rig it up on the boat using the spinnaker halyard so I can practice more often.

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