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The other reason we have been visiting the Flip Flop Shop as of late, aside from those mentioned yesterday, is that it affords Rebecca and I a private venue to practice for this Saturday’s Regatta (no)Talent Show that we have both committed to be a part of. Rebecca has found herself a great pole dancing alternative, rope dancing, and will be busting out her new moves at the show. In need of a tree to hang the rope from, and some privacy to work on her act, the Flip Flop Shop fit the bill perfectly.

My part in the show? I was coerced by base player Greg off s/v Sympatico to play a few Uke songs with him. Greg is a “real” musician so let’s hope that he can carry the act. 🙂

Greg and I jamming on m/v Jus Chilln’

By the way, calling this place secret may not have been as much of a stretch as I initially thought. While having drinks on a friend’s boat last evening, we mentioned the Flip Flop Shop to three separate couples and not a single person knew of its existence.

Today’s Regatta activities? Four-on-four volleyball and then beach golf. Another tough day at the office. 🙂


  1. I am not impressed easily and Rebeccas talent is pretty cool and I know how hard it is….Good luck, you will wow them

  2. Hope you have room for all the rum you two are gonna win between the v-ball, and R’s dancing ypu are sure to score big time. Enjoy.

  3. The girl has SKILLS. I am getting cramps in my legs just looking at those perfect pointed toes.
    Looks like another free bottle of rum soon.

  4. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    Well Rebbeca gets our vote, & “hope not to many rope burns by the end”.

  5. Get y’all’s performances on video please…. good luck!

  6. I remember when every circus had an act where several girls climbed ropes to the upper reaches of the big top and danced on the ropes. Impressive, but scary. I was always afraid they would fall. I hope Rebecca stays close to the ground! And as a former dancer. I know how hard it is to maintain perfect form to the tips of ones toes! You go, girl!

  7. I am curious – how did you find out about the Flip Flop Shop?

    Good Luck with the no talent show. After Rebecca performs, they will have to change the name because, obviously, that gal’s got talent!

    • Our friends told us of the existence of the FFS and we just went looking for it.

      As for calling it the NO talent show, that is just my addition, not what they really call it.

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