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Once again, our thoughts are focused on moving on. We’re nearing the end of our Georgetown experience, with only a weekend of regatta events remaining.

Yesterday was long and activity-packed. We were on the beach just after nine to warmup with our teams for the four-on-four volleyball tournament. We each played 7 games and although my team looked quite strong on paper, we just weren’t able to get it together, winning only once. Rebecca’s team faired much better but when points were tallied, didn’t make the cut for the finals. No additional rum winnings for us I’m afraid.

The later afternoon was spent playing “golf” on the eastern shore of Stocking Island where a 9-hole course had been laid out on the beach. Rebecca opted not to play but accompanied our foursome during the game, acting as team photographer. Although the fairways could have been a bit better manicured, I don’t think you’ll find a course anywhere in the world with quite that nice a view!

Rebecca and I spent a quiet evening aboard ZTC last night, reflecting on the days events, but also discussing our departure to-do list and routes. We’re both anxious to see what lies ahead of us!


  1. Looking forward to a new adventure!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. You guys are sooo wimpy!

    When I played beach golf during regatta, our whole team wore sarongs!

    Fair Winds,

  3. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    Now you are thinking of moving on, how are you with the sea sickness ? you ok in open water now ? or is that wait & see. How was your last crossing / O.water

    • I only get queasy in certain sea conditions. I have yet to try any of the sea sickness remedies that we have on board other than taking gravol with ginger.

  4. Wow! What views! And Rebecca seems to be getting set for some pretty good shots! Enjoy the weekend and the planning, and the continuation of the trip!

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