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While socializing at the Warderick Wells New Years Day pot luck, we received a tip from a staff member about where we could anchor just outside of the north mooring field. The area around this spot is shallow but we were assured there was sufficient water in the little corner and our charts concurred. In spite of that, Rebecca and I still hopped in our dinghy and went to scout it our ourselves. If we owned a portable depth sounder, this job would have been easy. Since we don’t have one yet, we constructed a little lead line and tried to use that to sound out the depths.

Happy that ZTC would be OK in that spot, we slipped off our mooring lines and motored out around the corner. We hadn’t even got ourselves in position to put our anchor down when we were hailed on the radio by Darcy in the WW office (she could see us from her window). She let us know in no uncertain terms that this was a no-anchor zone. I didn’t want to name names about who had told us to anchor there, in case this person would have gotten in trouble, so we had no choice but to bail.

Quickly consulting our charts, we motored for almost an hour to get to the only “official” anchor spot in the WW area, Emerald Rock. It seems silly that it would take so long to move such a short distance but the shallow waters in the area severely limit a boat’s ability to travel in a straight line from point A to B.

As it turns out, our new anchorage is beautiful, with 5 feet of clear water for as far as you can see. We have been enjoying the somewhat rugged hiking trails in the park which often go from one beautiful beach to another. Things could certainly be worse.

While writing this, as often happens, we are listening to the weather forecasts. It appears as if another front will be coming through at the end of this week which means that we’ll need to find a spot with some west to north protection. It looks like a visit to Staniel Cay might be in order.

The north mooring field at Warderick Wells.

The Banshee Creek, on our way to Boo Boo Hill.

Hopefully NOT poisonous.

One needs to pay attention to where they are walking as there are holes like this everywhere on the trails.

Blow holes?

The bridge on the “Causeway Trail.”

Our anchorage near Emerald Rock.

Hiking the various trails.

Heading towards the Davis Ruins.

Yup, this place looks pretty ruined.

Now where?

The west coast of the island.

Glad we’re not swimming in this surf!

This lizard had been waiting all day for someone to turn over this board so he could eat these bugs. Rebecca made his day!

This is the biggest starfish that either of us have ever seen. It had to be at least 8 inches across.

Can someone please tell this bird that we are NOT going to feed him?

Checking the notes given to us by our new friends.


  1. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran

    Thats an interesting point regarding the anchoring in some areas, May be re-siting some “MARITIME” LAW,may have been the way to go.!! If the up to date charts don’t say “NO MOORING” or there NO Official signs saying no mooring sorry but we would have anchored & would have asked to be shown where it states you are not aloud to Anchor. Some people just don’t want you get a nice “safe” place to hold up. I will be looking at these sort of things very carefully as if it is not against any form of law then “HARD LUCK” & for some of you people who who may read this get ready for “our appearance”. Still gr8t info & picks

  2. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran

    Other than being there that snake looks like a “Corn” snake & is none venomous & loves mice & small rats. & as for the “surf ” pick it should bring some nice fish “if you are aloud to fish” ?

  3. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran

    Hi Mike ok 3rd time to email you i know i am a pest but have accessed some info & due to it being a “protected Area” then yes there are areas that you are only aloud to Anchor Below is a small statement about the park from the web page they have. :- so no fishing either, so we wont go there” LOL’

    The Land and Sea Parks have been designated marine replenishment areas and nurseries for The Bahamas therefore the hunting, trapping, netting, capture, or removal of any fish, turtle, crawfish, conch, whelk, or any marine and/or fisheries resource in or from the Park is prohibited.

  4. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran

    Warderick Wells Moorings

    Three separate mooring fields adjacent to Warderick Wells provide plenty of safe moorage for visiting yachts.

    Moorings at Warderick Wells are all very specific as to length and draft. Contact the office on VHF 9 for a mooring at one of these locations.

    Approaching from the north, the beautiful natural J shaped harbor is the main mooring field at Warderick Wells. Twenty two mooring balls in this location accommodate yachts of various sizes, including two outer moorings suitable for yachts up to 150’.

    Emerald Rock Mooring Field is just south of the Park Visitor Center on the west side of Warderick Wells. Twenty six moorings there can accommodate a large variety of visiting yachts. With less current and excellent protection from east and northeast winds, this mooring field has become very popular especially with visitors with young children on board. Anchoring is not permitted in this area.

    Hog Cay Mooring Field, the pirates hangout, is at the southwest end of the island. Six moorings have been set in the small harbor between the southwest end of Warderick Wells and Hog Cay to the east. Anchoring is not permitted in this area.

    For a mooring at one of these locations, contact the Exuma Park Office on VHF 9 during park office hours (9:00 AM – Noon and 1:00 PM—4:00 PM Monday thru Saturday, Sunday 9:00 AM till noon).

    You may call one day in advance and request to be put on the waiting list for the following day.

    • Hi guys

      Yes, we were aware of all this as it is stated online and in the guidebooks. We wouldn’t have even considered anchoring in that spot were it not for a fairly prominent staff member telling us to do it.

  5. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran
  6. Love the starfish! It’s beautiful … my favorite color! Looks like you’ve reached a little bit of paradise!

  7. I really wish you’ld have some consideration and stop posting pictures. You’re killing me! I went sailing yesterday, it was nice, it even got above freezing for 15 minutes, I think.

    Stories about poo-storms are easier to take. I think I bette rstop reading your posts until spring.

  8. Lovely pictures! I’m going to share the one of “Beryl’s Trail” with my cousin. Her late mother was named Beryl, and was a touring concert pianist.

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