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Often times when I am dancing, I come up with a new (to me) exercise. Yesterday was one of those times.

Caterpillar core exercise:

  1. Start in a plank position.
  2. Twist your body from side to side.
  3. Keeping your back flat, walk your feet (take very small steps) in towards your hands as you continue to twist from side to side.
  4. Walk your feet back out. Again, take small steps and keep your shoulders over your hands. Don’t forget to keep twisting!
  5. Once your legs are straight, continue to twist as you move your feet back so your arms extend out in front of you.
  6. Return to the starting position and repeat over and over for as many repetitions as you can!

Note: My feet got caught up a bit in the jacklines that we have rigged, but you can get the idea!


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