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Our anchorage last night at Francis Bay may have been only 2 miles farther down the coast from Hawksnest, where we spent Wednesday, but it was an entirely more protected place to stop with the land by Mary’s Point blocking much of the northerly swell that’s running now. Thank God!

After securing another mooring (again, we have no choice but to take a mooring — anchoring is not permitted), we hopped in the dinghy and went to shore to explore a bit. The park is pretty organized when it comes to these moorings in that they have floating pay stations where you can just pull up in your dinghy and drop the money in a slot. Pretty cool because they’re very easy to spot as opposed to a drop box on land. We still ended up with the mooring banging on the boat during slack tide though. That I don’t like!

Rebecca and I hiked around a bit, sometimes on trails and other times on roads. The big hills can make for some challenging walking! As you can see from the pics below we came across some ruins, which are always fun, some less-than-shy deer and of course some beautiful scenery.

Today we’re going to make the jump from the USVI to the BVI (British Virgin Islands), specifically we’ll be traveling to Jost Van Dyke. We’ll have to clear customs there as we are switching countries even though I imagine it’s pretty laid back moving between the two. Time will tell.

Note: One thing I have failed to mention, showing again just how cool the cruising community can be, is that we have had unexpected gifts bestowed upon us twice in the last few days. First, while docked at Crown Bay, awaiting the delivery of our new batteries, we were hailed on the radio by June and Steve from the s/v Windsong, a couple we had crossed paths with back in the Bahamas. They had apparently seen us motor by from their anchorage just outside the marina and not only did they drop by to say hello, they came bearing a gift of some nice cold Heineken (beer). That’s how you make friends! And yesterday, just before casting off to move our boat, Mike from Happy Times dinghied over to deliver a still-warm-from-the-oven loaf of bread. Now I understand that giving away this bread made him somewhat unpopular with his crew (read their blog for the details), which makes the gesture even more appreciated. We love cruisers!


  1. You’re really going to enjoy Foxy – I hope he’s still there.

  2. Jost Van Dyke!! I will look for you on the Soggy Dollar Bar live webcam! Be sure to have a painkiller there – it’s where they were invented!

    To quote Bill Murray in What About Bob: I had a nightmare last night and you were in it.

    I am sure it doesn’t mean anything, but just be careful out there. And I don’t know how it works on a sailboat but I know that on a motorboat you have to air out the engine compartment before starting it up after fueling or sitting for a while – so all I am saying is, be careful!

  3. Mike…loving your adventure!

    Please anchor in front of Soggy Dollar in White Bay JVD so I can get a picture from their webcam like the one attached.

    Have a painkiller from Mic for me.

    Best regards,


  4. Your posts these days are like a tiny vacation for me. Thanks!

  5. IF you guys miss out on doing the Willy T. at Norman Island….well you just wasted the whole trip…LOL
    Have fun there!

  6. You’ve reached sailing nirvana. Donna and I are happy for you guys. We love JVD and think you will too. Want to see a photo of you playing a duet with Foxy with your uke! Don’t forget to ask him how you can tell an “island dog”. And leave something behind.
    Stay more than 1 day and drop a hook around at Diamond Cay in front of Foxy’s Taboo. Hike to the Bubbly Pool. With the north swell running it is definitely worth the trip.
    Watch out for the machioneel trees though. You be limin’ mon.

  7. What beautiful pictures, as usual. And what interesting ruins! Enjoy! I am!

  8. JVD, one of my favorite places in the whole world! Can’t wait to read about it, and I really hope you made it to the Soggy Dollar Bar.

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