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“You’re crazy. Check that… you’re f@#king crazy!”

This is what one of our friends recently said about us and our plans. There are plenty of times when we actually believe him! I think that countdown timer to the right must be broken as it appears to be ticking by way too quickly. The amount of stuff that we need to get sorted some days seems insurmountable. Our positive attitude prevails at most times though, or at least we are good at pretending.

Back in November I wrote about taking a Ham radio course. I asked Rebecca to contact the Ham guys again this morning as we still haven’t heard anything from them about the course. Hopefully they get that organized.

We are spending a lot of time and mental energy on the particulars of our business sale. Once that is sorted, one way or the other, it will give us direction.

We need to sit down and make up a revised list of tasks that need to be accomplished in the next 5 months. With a three-day weekend coming up we should have plenty of opportunity to get that down on paper!


  1. LMAO! Loved the May 12, 2009 post title “You’re f@#king crazy!”. Finally sat down and started reading your blogs from the very beginning. Very exciting read…

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