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I posted last Wednesday about the fitness-related article that Rebecca and I had published in the latest issue of Multihull Sailor. Just like I wrote yesterday about boats needing to move, your body needs to move too if its going to remain at its optimum.

So, on the topic of keeping your body as “Ship Shape” as you do your boat, here is a video that Rebecca just posted this morning demonstrating a no-equipment-required workout for beginners. The specific details for the workout (sets, reps, etc.) are posted in the text on the video’s Youtube page and also on her StrengthPLUS Facebook page. Please check it out and let her know what you think, either by posting here or on her page!


  1. I have the water, but I need to get the catamaran tramp bobbing on the ocean to really work the smaller core muscles… I don’t think my Hobie Getaway will work. 🙂

  2. Ricardo Carvalho

    Ok, as a next step (challenge?) on that move needs to be the kissing. . . .
    That would be a nice picture too !!!

    Challenge accepted??? :)))))


  3. I love these body weight exercises. Can be done anywhere…no equipment… You’re right Rebecca….NO excuses.

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