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There’s a reason why you shouldn’t undertake any large projects on a Sunday, and it has nothing to do with it being a proverbial day of rest. It has to do with the stores being closed, at least outside of North America, that is.

Once we’d had our fill of morning coffee yesterday, we dove back into our repairs. I followed the suggestion of one of our Facebook friends and used a pair of needle nose Vise-Grips to crimp that terminal that I mentioned. I am happy to report that it worked! Related to that though, do you want to know what is an extremely unwelcome sound? Plunk! That is the sound of a nut falling into our bilge; a bilge that is as deep as the Grand Canyon. Good thing I had a spare!

By about 11:00 AM we had the old water heater out of the locker and onto shore. We’re getting pretty good at raising and lowering things off the boat using a halyard! The much shorter, new water heater slid in nicely, and with a bit of work, we got it all hooked up. The problem is, it leaks. It leaks at a fitting, mind you, which is nowhere near as bad as the old one which was leaking from the back end, but I still couldn’t get it to stop. Here is where the Sunday thing comes in to play. I did not have the recommended thread sealant on board, and I was forced to use some older, lesser-quality hose clamps when putting everything back together. Neither of those two things are related to where it’s leaking, but still, I would have preferred to do it properly. Lucky me… I’ll have the chance now to fix all that as we try to stop the leak.

Speaking of leaks, we are scheduled to splash today at 1:00 PM. We’re hoping that all of our below-the-waterline repairs remain as water tight as they are meant to!