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While scanning our blog’s statistics page recently, I came across a link to a boating forum where someone posed the innocent question “how do I stay in shape while cruising?” This type of inquiry seems to come up semi-frequently on these forums (one can only discuss ground tackle so much, right?) and as sometimes happens, our blog gets linked during the ensuing discussion. On the occasions when I take the time to visit and read through these threads, I most often find them littered with armchair advice from people who likely haven’t exercised a day in the last 10 years. The original poster will typically be told to swim, walk to the grocery store or my favorite, not to worry because “you don’t need to exercise as you’ll get enough of a workout just being on a moving boat.” I can just picture the overweight and unhealthy types throwing out that kind of crap. Anyone can be an expert on the internet I guess. Hell, just look at us! 😉

Seriously though, when it comes to working out, I do consider ourselves to be experts and unlike some of those who only spout off theory, we continue to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk, even after leaving our martial arts and fitness gym behind us in Canada. Although Rebecca has been struggling to find her rhythm with her blog, she just put up two back-to-back updates which are worth checking out. The first post illustrates a bodyweight workout that, if followed, will absolutely get you sweating and the second describes her strategies for avoiding overindulging during Happy Hour get-togethers.

As a bonus, here’s a video that we filmed which demonstrates an excellent exercise, albeit an advanced version of it, that you can do on your boat with no more equipment than a standard fender or fender ball.

This exercise stuff must work… look who made it onto the Conch Republic Bikinis cover page!


  1. I am offended that you called me fat, out of shape, haven’t worked out in 10 years and not a expert in this matter! Your right! Weather on land or at sea, you guys have the discipline and drive to be in expert shape….Good job!!!

  2. You two, experts on fitness?
    Let’s see… people ask “how the **** can a couple that young have a boat and lifestyle like that?” and then we hear about grandkids and how you owned a gym for some surprisingly large number of years.
    So yes, it looks like the claim is valid.

    We will have to take a closer look at Rebecca’s blog for ideas… I really do need to do a bit more than ‘run the dog around for a km or two’.

  3. Love reading Rebecca’s blogs on her website, I know that for me, personally, it’s a great motivator especially since this lifestyle can present many challenges in the “trying to be fit” lifestyle that land-lubbers just don’t have. On a side note, I commented twice I believe, but don’t think it went through, so not sure if it was me, or the website ? Either way, just wanted to say “keep it up” and congrats on the cover shot, i’m envious and you look awesome !! All that hard work certainly paid off !!

  4. Wow, I had no idea Rebecca has a fitness blog! Perfect timing on that discovery, so I’ll be bookmarking and visiting. Any chance you’ll add an email-subscription option?

  5. Steve and Gloria S/V Livingwell - Reply

    Hey Guys, We are in Charleston Getting ready to head south in Nov. I met a guy from Trinidad that asked when I showed him your blog if you have been to….Salt Whistle Bay?
    Later Steve

  6. You guys are my fitness inspiration. Both my husband and I have recently re-discovered fitness and striving to do more and get in better shape. I used to be a competitive gymnast in my younger years and most recently have been a resident couch potato. We have both been working with a trainer and starting to learn how to use the TRX and you can be sure we will be purchasing one of our own in the future for use on the boat. It may be an unrealistic goal, but man would I love to look like Rebecca one day. I guess I have a few more workouts to get there 🙂 Love Rebecca’s blog!

  7. I may have been guilty of linking you guys on a couple of forums….hehehe. Hope you don’t mind?

    PS-finally sold the home! 2 loads in a Mini Cooper to the boat. That’s it. No storage! The boat is hauled out for maintenance, bottom job, etc. We’re hoping to head your way after H season! Bahamas, at least.

    You look great, Rebecca! (You too Mike). Keep it up, kids!

    S/V Fugue
    Kemah, Tx.

    • We definitely don’t mind!

      Good job on the downsizing. I just spoke with someone the other day who spoke of a friend who has had crap stored in a storage unit for the past two years.That is a LOT of money to store a TV that will be outdated when he gets back to shore!

  8. Hi guys, wondered if in addition to body weight and suspension training, you also do sandbag training ?can you do a tutorial on the lizard walk, in a movie with narration as you do the movement ,please! Health is Wealth!

  9. Interested how many hours per day you guys do with the suspension and body weight training and how many hours of cardio per week. Thanks.

    • Rebecca strength trains at least an hour per day while I train 3-4 times per week. We both train fast enough during those sessions so that our heart rate stays elevated throughout the entire workout. As for additional cardio work, it varies. We run occasionally, ride our bikes here and there and hash almost weekly.

  10. Elderly people, whom I meet at work, often have problem with getting up from a chair. Those who are in better shape usually tell that they walk daily for about an hour and do some home gymnastics. One lady told me that “I never intended to get this old”, she lives in a house of flats with two stairs, but only one elevator, not in the one were “the help” lived(!). She still climbes down and up those stairs to 7th floor everyday.
    Rebeccas example motivates:
    I try to add some moves here and there e.g. do lounges while I fry eggs :). I enjoy the peace with my coffee and paper, when kids have left for school before I head to work, but could use that time for some push ups and crunches too..

  11. I am somewhat limited in the movements I can do on land, due to my disability, but in the water I can do anything! I spend 4 hours a day or so at the Y in the pool, taking exercise classes and swimming laps. This is five days a week. No one in our family is very good at sitting still, even when we are reading! My 94 year old mother still walks her mile a day, outside if the weather is good, inside if not. She uses a walker, but has worn out a couple of sets of wheels for it!

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