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During the course of our research on all things nautical we have read that it is an asset to have a Ham radio license. This apparently requires quite a bit of study followed by an exam(s). We have found out that there will be a course offered in our area next March (Rebecca has been in contact with the president of the local Ham radio club). One benefit of our having a Ham license is that we will be able to get internet access though our onboard radio. This could prove to be very beneficial for us. I guess we are both going to do it. What’s 1 more thing to learn?

Edited: Just read that Winlink is not really compatible with Mac computers. Come on guys… let’s get that fixed up in the next year or so. Please!


  1. Skipper and Cindy Bertrand (SailRxSin)

    I just found your blog after beginning to listen to The Sail Loot podcasts, starting both from the beginning. This HR benefit is not something that I had heard about before your article. We are at the beginning stages of planning like you were at this point in 2008. What is your general recommendation on this now? Would you do it again? Thanks so much!

    • There are definitely still some strong proponents of HR but we didn’t really use it much. These days, internet connectivity is much more readily available, and satellite communication is pretty cheap too. If I was going to do it all over again, I think I’d put my money elsewhere. For the record, for a sailor, at least, a SSB radio gives you much of the benefit of Ham but without the necessity of getting the complicated license.

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