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As spectacular as our initial docking attempt at the marina was, in a don’t-do-it-like-this kind of way, our exit was entirely uneventful, in spite of being tightly sandwiched in between a couple of other boats. It’s amazing what two fully-functioning engines can do for you. Anyone observing might have actually got the impression that we knew what we were doing. πŸ˜‰

Yesterday’s weather was beautiful and the water was calmer than we’ve seen it in a long time. As we were only traveling a few miles up the coast, we let the engines and the autopilot do the work while we enjoyed the fresh air and freedom of being back out in the open water.

There are two bays nearby the Underwater Statue Park, Flamingo Bay, where we stayed the very first night we arrived in Grenada, and Dragon Bay, which is a bit closer to the dive site. There are also numerous mooring balls right around the park area. We opted to take one of those but what we didn’t know was which color balls we should be taking, the red ones or the white ones. With a 50/50 chance of getting it right, we selected a red one but in short order, we were set straight by one of the friendly park rangers who directed us to move our boat to a white ball, leaving the red ones for dive boats. No problem. Casting off from a mooring ball and picking up a new one is a lot less work than picking up anchor and moving.

As our 2009/2010 guide book strangely makes no mention of the statue park at all, let alone what the fees are for mooring balls which weren’t even installed there at that time, we basically had to wait and see how much the rangers asked for. As it turned out, the fee to use one of the balls is 10.00 US per day, which we happily paid (anchoring is now prohibited in the park area). I should point out that, outside of a few dive boats which came and went, we had the entire place to ourselves!

Was our trip to the Underwater Statue Park worthwhile? Check out the pics and you tell me?


  1. Wow! Spectacular and amazing (with just a tinge of eeriness also)! The photos are great – glad you made the trip out there.

    Katie and Mark

  2. Absolutely worth the stop. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, the sculpture and coral growth on each piece is such a beautiful, evolving addition to what is already a lovely concept. The ring of faces is both ethereal and disarming – reminiscent of a catacomb. And your photos are just fantastic. Glad you guys are in the shots to give the place a sense of scale. Thanks for posting.

  4. Very cool (in a “wow that’s creepy but fascinating” kind of way)!

  5. How far down are those statues? I love to snorkel but still haven’t ever dived below to where the snorkel is submerged – for some reason the thought of that freaks me out. It’s not like I wouldn’t dive without the snorkel so not sure what my problem is.

    Your pictures are fabulous – as usual.

  6. Was there somekind of a story behind ?

    Are these statues representing something or to be regarded just as “art”?

    Just finished watching Simon Schama’s program of J.M.W.Turner and how he and his painting “Slave ship” possibly had an effect on aboliton of the slave traffic.

  7. My opinion, regardless of your honed picture taking skills, has not changed. The site is just plain creepy.

  8. Hey Mike, glad you two spent some time in the sculpture park. It was one of the first places I visited once we purchased a boat here in Grenada. A piece of advice given to me from one of the MPA agents was: “If you are asked to pay a fee in the Marine Protected Area, make sure the person asking for the money has a MPA badge”. Common in the Caribbean, but good advice to mind. See you on the water.


  9. Did you guys ever get your SCUBA certification?
    I’ve always loved that feeling of sinking below the surface and taking the first breath, still surreal after dozens of dives.
    That’s a site we’ll definitely have to check whether with SCUBA or free diving/snorkeling.

  10. So, the red mooring balls are red to say, stop you silly tourist this is not for you. πŸ™‚

  11. This garden looks rad!! Will you take us when we get back? See you August 26th or very soon after! Hope the tuna is still ok!

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