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While we are normally pretty organized when it comes to our nautical passages, Rebecca and I are taking a much more more free-form approach to the 1000+ mile journey from Colorado to California. We plan to depart Loveland around 7:00 AM this morning with our trusty iPad as our guide. Those who feel that it’s not prudent to rely solely on electronics for navigation should fear not. Just as we always carry paper charts as a backup on our boat, we have also invested in a nice spiral-bound road atlas in case our iPad ceases to function or we lose cellular connectivity.

We have allotted about three days to travel to our daughter’s house. Beyond that, we have no plan. We only have a rough outline of the route which we will travel. We have no idea how long we will drive each day, nor where we will stop and spend the night(s). Instead, we’re just going to wing it. That’s the way an adventure should be, is it not?

One last thing, knowing that not everyone will have the opportunity to read the comments on older posts, I’d like to highlight this recent comment by Willie

You need to get back to your routes. You are becoming total sell out’s to the all mighty dollar. Your journey is no longer about cruising and seeking a simple lifestyle of lifes simple adventures. Good luck, I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Don’t worry Willie, we will most certainly get back to our “routes” for the next few days, we just don’t know which routes we will be taking. πŸ™‚


  1. Hmmm. Who is this Willie person? I congratulate you for finding a way to add to the cruising kitty and still stay down here cruising these beautiful islands. I expect your new adventure/career will be outstanding and look forward to hearing about it. Here’s the thing, Willie – most of us have to make shifts and take a new path in order to continue to follow our dream. If you can follow yours, no holds barred, good for you. I congratulate you and am sincerely happy for you. Just as I am sincerely happy for Mike and Rebecca.

  2. After following for a while now, it doesn’t appear that Mike and Rebecca are raking in piles of cash as sellouts. Instead, it appears they are attempting to make some kind of a living while doing their own thing. They are no more sellouts than my wife and I for running a scuba dive shop on Cozumel. Does it make me a sellout since I make my living doing what I’m passionate about in a place I love? Of course not. I’m simply someone with the guts to follow his dream and do something different than the rest.

    It seems that Willie is a bit of a purist and he feels that people should only follow these pursuits if they have made or inherited their millions such that living and making a living are forever kept separate.

  3. Wow, Willie’s comments just left me scratching my head. You’re doing what you love, you’re having fun doing it, what other ‘route’ is there?? Here’s to you and Rebecca for taking the chance of another opportunity to see a different ‘route’.

  4. I think it’s great that you are both willing to try new things (captaining charters) and write about them. I am sure this will add new dimension to an already interesting life adventure.

  5. Hey Willie, it is all about adapting. If you had always dreamed about living on a desert island and finally found yourself able to do that it would be great. Then when you realize that there is only coconuts and fish to eat and you’re not really fond of that, what do you do? Give up? No, you adapt. You learn to like the things that are there. Cruising costs money. Boat upkeep, living, all that stuff. If you just want to cruise, where does the money come from? Willie, let us all know your secret! But sometimes, you have to adapt and the smart ones find some way to do what they like WHILE they earn a living. Being field expedient is what it’s called. Willie, if you know something the rest of us don’t, let us know. Meanwhile, I applaud Mike and Rebecca for being able to do what they love to do, while having to make a living. Sounds pretty smart to me.

  6. Yes, THAT is an adventure and sounds so exciting!
    If your going through Phoenix and need a place to stay the night and cool off in the pool, you are welcome to stay here with Mike and I.
    Have a wonderful trip you two!

  7. My 2 cents: Nothing better than getting paid to live your dream.
    Safe travels!

  8. Well said Barb! This is why we are taking our time to purchase a boat that will one day allow us to also make a living from it. We hope to cruise the world with only simple needs for as long as we can, but we also know we have to plan now and take the right steps to make this a lifestyle change and will want to incorporate that lifestyle into making a living when we need to replenish the kitty. If it were as easy as just tossing the lines off and sailing away, we’d already be gone. In order to keep the lifestyle change, most people have to stop and work again in some form or fashion…Even life’s simple adventures still cost money!

    Mike and Rebecca have found a solid way to keep cruising and to fund their lifestyle! Good for you guys! It’s another chapter…doesn’t mean it’s the last πŸ˜‰

  9. Go through Ouray, CO if you can, its beautiful through there on Rte 550 to Durango! I just did a drive in a Porsche from Cali to Virginia, taking only 2-lane highways almost the entire way. I can’t remember if you are going to the Bay area or not, but if so I highly recommend Rte 50. It is called America’s loneliest highway and it is beautiful for its starkness. Plus, there are some nice straight stretches you can get up some good speed on, and it goes through Lake Tahoe, which you would love. Have a great road trip!

  10. I’m with Barbara.
    Have a nice drive, good You are well prepared with paper maps – a watermaker too might not be bad:

  11. Leigh on s/v Raconteur - Reply

    Hey Mike and Rebecca,
    Long time reader – may be first or second time poster. Gotta love that particular fan mail. Did it come with a check?
    Hope you have a great road trip. I’m full of admiration for you guys in securing your next adventure without having to give up the cruising – looking forward to hearing all about it as it progresses.

  12. Sylvan Lake State park, just south of I70 is a beautiful place to camp, if your route takes you near there. Then again, most of western Colorado is probably like that.

  13. Darn!! I missed a while on your blog and did not realize you guys were here. This is Robert and Sarah. (we spent the entire winter on Purrfect with John) . If I had realized you were here we would have treated you to dinner etc.!! We live in Fort Collins, just 10 minutes from Loveland.

    Anyways, enjoy your travels! If you swing back through Noco on your way back hit us up!

  14. No matter how we go we must go; life is meant to be lived whether by sea (our choice) or by land. Our world is filled with such beauty and amazing places sometimes one must jump on land to see it! Enjoy your journey, live as free as possible, make memories, take pictures, but above all else live! See ya on the water one of these days!

  15. Tell him like Metallica did, we sell out every night!!!

  16. Well Willie, one must live their dreams as they are able. Because one day you could wke up with a wonky eye, find out you are growing a golf ball sized brain tumour, have unsuccessful brain surgery and live the rest of your life with a debilitating stroke. Don’t ask me how I know this, N’uff said. I think Mike and Rebecca are awesome for taking the chance / risk. Good on them. .

  17. LOL @Willie’s comment !

    I hope he made a donation so you can get back to your “routes”.


    I wish we had more total sell out’s like you guys, the world would be better for it !


  18. Hey sell outs! Me and a couple of the other “boat gang bums” are hitting willy wonkers chocalate factory tonight, u in?

  19. Meant to send this earlier: the drive thru Monument Valley is not only FREE but incredible! Have fun!

  20. WOW ! Ya’ll look younger and younger every time I visit your site. It just show’s what retiring early and healthy living can do for you. Sail on.

  21. I thought I had it ALL figured out. Which anchor we were going to buy so we didn’t end up dragging ourselves all over Simpson Lagoon ever again. I had settled on a 45lb Rocna and we had Dana all set up to get it with her discount at West Marine. Now, instead, I just spent a few hours looking at the Mantus web videos and looking at all the testimonials at Sailnet. I distrust video from manufactures as setting criteria for the test isn’t exactly unbiased in a lot of cases. However, the Mantus got great reviews from very respected people on the boards, such as MaineSail. Which sold me. As did the fact that it can be unbolted and broken down. As did the price which is affordable.

    So……… thanx Mike! 3AM gear surfing online was great fun!

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