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The last time we made plans to get out sailing we woke to find the winds over 15 knots in the marina. Today? Same! The wind is supposed to ease a bit as the day goes on. Hopefully those menacing looking dark clouds will abate as well.

Everyone likes wind chimes, right? Stick a bunch of sailboats together and you often get a chorus of wind chimes, or at least it sounds that way. The source of the “music” is multiple Halyards (the line which raises the sail) drumming on their masts. When people return from sailing they lower their sails but in some cases leave their Halyard loose to bang on the hollow aluminum mast.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. (I was going to copy and paste that 50-100 times for effect, but I think you get the point.)

Aside from the obvious noise pollution it is not good for the Halyard and can decrease their life span. Why don’t people do as we have and secure the Halyard away from the mast so that it doesn’t bang? I honestly don’t know.

A cool thing about our marina is that they have multiple webcams in place so that absentee owners, or internet stalkers, can view the boats. You can see Katana in the screen capture below:

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