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I have to imagine that a question on many of our reader’s minds is, “Why are we still here?” Why are Rebecca and I still in the Eastern Caribbean instead of having sailed off to Patagonia like we talked about at this time last year? Well, it’s complicated. While I’m not planning on sharing all of the details at this moment, I’ll simply say that we’re experiencing some issues that are keeping us here for the time being. It’s not what we want, but that’s life, we don’t always get what we want.

Even before today’s post, with some of my more reflective and/or less-than-positive writing as of late, astute followers of our blog may have been able to read between the lines to gather that we’ve been going through some challenging times. That’s nothing unique though, right? We all have issues. The key, as many are quick to point out, is to focus on the good things and not the bad. That’s not always easy though, is it?

Just the other day, after coming across one too many Facebook memes about how bad 2016 has been, and “could the year please just end and get on with 2017,Rebecca spoke out about how wrong she felt that line of thinking was. She pointed out that even with all the issues that we’ve had to deal with, we still had a lot of great things happen to us this year. She listed that we had the opportunity to travel through the Panama Canal, and sail to the Galapagos (thank you Two Fish!), two bucket list items for many people. In addition to that, we’ve had countless other positive experiences, both on the water and on land, with old friends and with new. Yes, the trick is to focus on those things instead of the negative.

What will 2017 hold for us? Plenty of excitement, that much I know for sure. Even though we’ve largely been stationary, relatively speaking, we’ve been using the past 6 months to formulate some exciting plans. So exciting in fact that we’re dying to get moving on them, and also to share them with you. But alas, we can’t. Not just yet.

If there is one thing that Mother Nature forces sailors to learn, it’s patience. While that has never been my strong suit, I’m doing my best. As for the focusing on the positive thing, I’m grateful that I have Rebecca to help me keep things in perspective.

Please note: Even though we haven’t shared details of these particular issues online, we have confided in a number of friends, looking for advice and support. In each case, we asked that our situation remain confidential, and yet we’ve come to learn that certain people have chosen to further share our story with others. Remember kids, gossip isn’t cool. If you are one of the people that we confided in, please respect our wishes.


On a brighter note, check out Mike Horn’s progress! I first mentioned his Pole to Pole expedition back in May. He has just landed in Antartica, and is making ready to begin his overland journey. One thing is for certain… when I grow up I want to be Mike Horn!



  1. well you’re 1/2 way there…….your name’s Mike already!…lol

  2. Oh, geez….

    A lot of folks don’t really understand that when it comes to living on a sailboat we usually gotta live with going where the winds and weather take us. It’s complicated…even more complicated than just the winds and weather. There are so many factors to deal with when it comes to life on the sea. One can battle upstream to fulfill some sort of artificial schedule superimposed on reality, or one can let the current push you along, and calmly go with the flow on the earth’s own schedule.

    You shouldn’t have to explain anything to anyone. Only you guys know the specific hows and whys of where you are and where you are going next. May you have fair winds and following seas, and let there be palatable solutions that smoothly arise to meet every obstacle in your path.

  3. Loose Lips– Sink Ships.. Don’t want that to happen!!

    Stay Safe– That’s most important..

    Enjoy your Christmas Day.

  4. Wishing you two the best this season and great adventures in 2017 and beyond! May your sails be full of wind (when you want) and your coolers full of ice cold beer (and Bloody Caesar makings)! Cheers, Namaste, and Godspeed!

  5. You two are pretty amazing. You’ve built an amazing following, while keeping your private life private. Good on you for that.

    As for growing up to be Mike Horn, I agree with half of that. I want to be like Mike Horn, but I don’t want to grow up.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year

  6. Wishing you both a wonderful holiday season. Your post brings to mind the following saying: Patience is not the ability to wait but how you act while you are waiting.

  7. “Everyone has a buddy”, and that may not be you, so don’t share info with anyone unless you want it shared with their buddy, who has a buddy, etc. etc.! We enjoy the blog, tips, advice, and the adventures! Merry Christmas and, we wish you and your family a very happy and terrific new year! Rob / Caribbean Raft Rentals!

  8. I too suffer from complications keeping me in NY. I imagine if I lived on a sailboat I would just pull up my anchor and leave them all behind. That may be oversimplifying things.You have done well so far. Merry Christmas Zero to Cruising.

  9. Whatever it is, hang in there Mike. You have lots of friends. In the grand scheme of things, that is a big deal. Merry Christmas.

    (this doesn’t have anything to do with not knowing how to swim?? kidding.)


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