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Today’s weather forecast? Gale. Specifically…

‘Gale’ force winds of 34 to 47 knots are occurring or expected to occur in this marine area.”

Oh, and it might even snow tonight!!! Man, we are in the wrong country. Looks like we won’t be going sailing on mothers day.

Yesterday was a fairly productive boat day. It started with us getting kicked out of our temporary slip, into another temporary slip. This docking experience was a hundred times better than our last one. As I had some time to kill between dropping Rebecca off at work and a lesson that I had to teach, I brought along some boat projects from my list.

The first project was laying up a piece of fiberglass for our windlass install (yes, we are still working on that). This is the first time I have ever done any fiberglass work and although this couldn’t be easier, there were still a few unknowns to deal with. For example, just how much resin should I mix up to “wet out” 12 layers of cloth?

In the end it all worked out. I ran out at 11 layers which is good enough. I’ll show it to my fiberglass guru and hopefully is passes muster.

The second project was to begin to splice eyes on the line for our Seabrake drogue. When I wrote about having my splicing lesson the other day one of the commenters requested a video. Although this was my very first time doing it by myself I decided to film it. The video is 12:33 long (approx. 98 meg) which appears to be outside the limits allowed by youtube. I uploaded it to our server though for any of you who care to see it.

Double Braid Eye Splice – Right click and save as…

Oh, with respect to the mystery water that I commented on, one of my guesses about the source was accurate. The leak is at the inspection port at the top of our fresh water tank. The water is only ever this high when we fill the tank to the top, and then only until we use a bit of it (or it drains to below that limit). Thankfully, that should be easy enough to fix.

If your weather is going to be crappy today and you’re looking for some good boat-related reading, check out the links on the Port Credit Marine Survey’s page. Specifically check out the Primer For First Timers Heading South on the ICW, at the top of the far right column on that page. Although opinionated, there are some decent tips there.


  1. Just spent the last 2.5 hours reading your whole blog..from start to today. It is inspirational. I’ve been planning on retiring on a 41 Lagoon Hybrid. I was thinking I would need to wait till my 8 year old son graduates…However, was wondering if anyone hear has tried to do a live-aboard with kids. if so, homeschool or just moore/marina and take them to school daily. how does having kids on a boat..affect them having friends and playing..without a backyard. in either case..i look forward to following your trips


  2. Thanks for all the links. i just finished Toast’s blog. Ashame they stopped cruising. I don;t wanna do homeschooling….Not sure th ewife could handle it, plus I really belive the kids need the interaction of other kids. Even the bully and school fights. Currently I am overseas serving in the Army for Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is my hope to get back to Florida, Tampa Bay Area and work for a contractor on Mac Dill AFB is the same field as I am over here. What do you all think about a catamaran docked inthe Tampa Bay/St. Pete area? This way the son could still go local school and we could stil go cruising? reading Zach Aboard now

    • We did our sailing course in St. Pete and what we saw of the area was very nice. Could be great cruising grounds.

    • Toast’s tweet from 3 days ago: “I miss my boat. Land life is okay, and I can see why people like it. But I want my boat back and I’m not sure I’d be happy if she sells now.” So it might not be over yet for the Conger’s.
      I would research liveaboard marinas ahead of time as they can be hard to come by. Since that is the case, the ‘Boat kids” would probably be concentrated so “instant friends”.
      I would also recommend that you do a lot of research on the Lagoon hybrid. It hasn’t gone over too well and I believe they quit making them and moved on to diesel except for special requests.
      Keep chasing the dream though and keep it in focus.

  3. Thanks all. I was unaware they stopped making the hybrid. I will send lagoon and email or there distributor in Ft. Lauderdale, The Catamaran Company. Boy it so hard to keep up with all these blogs, however it is refreshing and inspirational. I spent 3 hours last night on Yachtworld. Based on my readings, it appears Lagoon and fountaine Pajot are like the Bayliners of powerboats. Would that be a “decent” assessment. Not complaining, since I cannot see myself buying the higher-end..possibly better built options. More expensive boat means less $$ for living. It’s a tradeoff..I know. Any other brands some would recommend for good hulls, not ass much wood thoughout the cabin, more modern..maybe even Corian instead of veneer. owner versions, not charter.

    Thanks again and keep the posting going on!

    • Bayliner? Ouch!! This Lagoon 440 just transitted the Galapagos to the Marquesas in 19 days.
      Don’t think I would have tried it in a Bayliner.

      • LOL…sorry offense intended. i’ve always like the more modern “styling” of the Lagoons. No, I don’t think you would have gotten anywhere near the outlets with a bayliner…not to mention the amount of fuel it would have taken you.

        thanks for your link, nice looking boat 😉

  4. Army Chief, check out the livingaboard site. Many there have raised their kids aboard frobirth. Some have home (boat) schooled, and some have enrolled in local schools. Florida has free stuff on line for those who homeschool in the state. Lots of good discussion there. Also, multihulls4us with lots of info on various multihulls, comparisons, opinions, technical information, etc. Stay safe over there.

  5. Thanks Helen, I will

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