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Barring any gales or typhoons, we are just about on track for our August 1st departure goal, which is a good thing considering we are only paid up at our marina until then. We actually went and gave our notice to the owners of Collin’s Bay Marina yesterday. They pretended to be sad that we were leaving and loaded us down with all kinds of marina swag. We are very happy that fate pointed us to Collin’s Bay as we have had many great experiences there. But alas, it’s time to move on. But where to?

Our first destination will be Oswego Marina, although we may end up stopping off at Main Duck Island on the way across the lake. We wrote about sailing to Main Duck last January but have still yet to do it (although we did sail quite close by it). The Oswego Marina is right at the beginning of the Oswego Canal System, which is also where we will have to take our mast down. We’re still not 100% clear on how we’re going to carry our mast but hopefully we can sort that out this week (it’s on the list).

Here is what I found about the marina: Yes, they have a slip that can accommodate us, at $1.50/foot (note that once we cross the border all currencies discussed will be US dollars). They charge $2.00/foot to take the mast down although we found out last night that is based on the mast length, not the boat length. Stupid tall mast! The lady I spoke to at the marina also told me that they would be able to accept the shipment of the generator that we want to order. That is good news too. I think I will put the wheels in motion and get that ordered today.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?


  1. PS….Have you put the new name on the yacht…..I would have the word “zero” then a space to “cruising”…..In the middle have a TRX band connecting the two words…….On your tender have

  2. Almost ready!!! (The excitement is really brewing now, eh?)

    I think you’re right to be talking about carrying your mast… now and then I read about masts that were sent by truck and got damaged or didn’t arrive when needed. A 32′ cat should have more than enough room on deck for a mast cradle. Don’t forget to pick up plenty of scrap carpet to protect the mast and the deck from getting scratched up by the cradle, and use twice as many tie-down lines as you think are necessary.

    If the weather holds tomorrow and Thursday, we might see you out on Collins Bay…. Katy found some great-looking fish habitat near the marina on our cruise last night and wants to bring her fishing gear back there ASAP.


  3. I carry my mast on my mono across the top of the house, from bow pulpit to stern pulpit. Use LOTS of padding and securing, either bungees or line.

  4. I forgot to add that I’ve seen mast rests made of wood in the form of an x. The mast rests in the crotch. they are placed fore and aft. Secure them with lines to the rails, and pad well wherever they touch boat or mast. They will also need to be secured fore and aft.

  5. Post a tentative plan, when you think of one. Nothing too accurate!

  6. I am so excited for the two, no THREE of you! May you, Rebecca, and Zero 2 Cruising all have wonderful days and nights of sailing, and far fewer days of motoring! Enjoy!

  7. Hey Rebecca!

    Back for Summerfest and saw your mom at the grocery store – what an adventure you and Mike have planned-cool!!!!
    Wishing you a safe and wordly experience, I look forward to following your travels on this website.


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