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We certainly don’t want to be saying that, especially just before we run hard aground onto a barely submerged reef! And thus, I think we had better invest some time into developing some marine navigation skills, beyond that which we acquired from our Fast Track to Cruising course.

One of the books in our nautical library is The Weekend Navigator. We purchased it some time ago along with a number of others but it has been sitting on the shelf unread. Since I just finished reading the much lighter 9 Years on the 7 Seas I figured it was time for some serious learnin’ time. This book refers quite heavily to GPS usage so we decided that purchasing a handheld model would be worthwhile, even if the boat we end up with has a built in Chartplotter. Redundancy never hurts, especially when we are talking about such a serious subject. So, as I have never actually owned a GPS I did what every other modern-day researcher would do… I consulted the God of Google! Do you think I could find some consensus about what a good model to purchase would be? Forget about it. Every unit seems to have mixed reviews. My visit to West Marine today didn’t really net me any definitive help either. I think we are just going to have to bite the bullet and pick one. I am sure that they all do at least the basic functions. That should suffice for now.

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