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When my mind is not occupied by nonfunctioning gauges, I sometimes find myself pondering other less-tangible subjects. For example, where is “home?” This post was inspired by some friends who, after cruising for a few years, posted on Facebook that they finally made it back home. In their case, home was a spot in the US, and based upon what they wrote, they were quite happy to have made it back there.

As I mulled the subject around in my mind a bit, I asked Rebecca that if she was to say that she was going home, where would she mean? She said Deep River, because that is where she grew up and where her father still lives. I followed up by asking that if her dad was to move, would she still consider that home? She wasn’t sure.

In my case, home is here. Although I was born there, there is no place in Canada that I would call home. I have no family remaining in the town that I grew up in, nor do I have any property remaining there or in the city where our business was located.

I know some people set out cruising with a very specific time frame in mind. They still own property and/or maintain storage lockers full of stuff. They have family and friends waiting for them to return. That’s just not how we went about things. At least in my case, when we left Canada, home left with me.


  1. Mike:
    I thought that this post was going to:
    “HOME is where I am at the moment. As when I hit the HOME button on the Chart Plotter.”

    Sailing the BVI starting Saturday! We’ll look for your yellow sail cover, and our favorite sailing bloggers!


  2. Home is where the anchor drops……

  3. Thought provoking. Home for me is where the love of my life is. Material stuff doesn’t mean squat, it doesn’t love or hug you back. I am missing the boat life and being nomadic so much. and miss the old Al, but when life hands you lemons, you get vodka. I need a drink, excuse me. While I go to th LCBO.

  4. You are still welcome to visit though… 🙂

  5. I kind of relate to what you’re saying although I am not that far from where I grew up like you guys are. I am from Kingston, Ontario and now reside in Picton, Ontario. Although these two places are just one hour apart my heart is no longer in the place where I grew up. Most of my family is still there but after 6 years in Picton I have kind of lost my connection with Kingston. Even my very good friends no longer keep in touch. I still have a couple of friends there plus family but the rest have kind of faded away. It’s kind of sad….isn’t it? Hard to say. I’m not sure about that. Life evolves, places change, friends change and you change. I have changed just like you two have and after some time we adjust to our new surroundings and our new friends we meet. Do we live with regrets and long for the things we used to do? Sometimes, but 99% of the time I am happy with the change I have made. I know in the future I will find myself most likely in the Caribbean 75% of the time. I still love my Harley and I want to travel across Canada on it so that is why I won’t completely leave Canada at this time. Eventually though…all bets are off!

  6. “Home is not places, it is love”

  7. Citizen of the Sea has a nice ring to it!

  8. It’s wherever I want to be at present…..and I like it like that!!!!

  9. I think you are so very very fortunate to be — where you are. Though you did a lot to make this good fortune possible, you must marvel at it sometimes!

    • I do. That said, I don’t like when people say we are lucky as, in my mind, that diminishes the work we put into getting where we are. We were fortunate to be born into a country where such opportunities are even possible though. Many others in this world are not so fortunate in that respect.

  10. We went “home” to visit after a year and a half of cruising.

    Didn’t feel much like home.

    Coming home was coming back to the boat. Home is with our family.

  11. Mike, totally unrelated, but I thought you might be interested in this site. Really cool way to “view” wind.,21.96,774

  12. Love that… Husband and I hope to go cruising someday soon

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