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FAQ #6: What are your plans?

Every year, as the summer approaches, the same question will be asked of boaters over and over again: What are your plans? Will you take your boat north or south, or leave it where it is? Will you be leaving it in the water, or hauling it out and store it on shore? Will you be traveling anywhere, or staying put?


Which begs the question, where do cruisers (or those operating charter boats for a living) go on vacation when they leave their boat?

Since we purchased our catamaran in 2009, aside for a couple of very brief periods, we’ve lived on a boat. Each season we see many of our friends flying “home” to visit family, or zipping off to explore new locations. Some do it for wholly practical reasons, to maintain a presence in their home country so that their healthcare remains in place. Others are just seeking a break. Funny isn’t it? That people might want a break from living on a boat in the Caribbean? Anyway, we enjoy vicariously following along with our friends on their extra-curricular adventures!

And so what are our plans? Short term, when we’re done having fun in Martinique, we’ll make our way back to Grenada, either by doing another overnighter or, for a change, island hopping our way down. We have some friends coming to visit at the end of June, and we’re looking forward to having a fun trip with them. Longer term, we still have our sights set on getting to Patagonia! You know what they say about cruisers and plans though, right?


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