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Within the hour we’ll be taking the ferry from Peter Island to Tortola to meet up with the surveyor that our friend Michael has hired, Geoff Williams. Geoff is scheduled to do a pre-survey inspection this morning and we plan to be present for this as Michael will not be. I’m not sure what goes on at a pre-survey inspection but it should be an interesting outing.

Because I don’t have a lot of time to write this morning, I’ll leave you with a quickie suggestion/tip. First, as most boaters know, you can’t have enough tools. There are some that you will use almost daily and others that will sit in a locker, just waiting for that special occasion where they get the opportunity to see the light of day and be put into use. For us, one tool in that latter category is our tap and die set. Before we owned a boat I had never used such a tool. Now that we do own one, I think I have used pieces of our set maybe three times. One of those three times was yesterday when, after screwing up the threads on a machine screw, I used an appropriately-sized tap and die to repair the damage. If I didn’t have that tool set on board, I would have been screwed, or actually, unable to screw (it’s early, I couldn’t resist 😉 ).

No one likes to spend a bunch of money on tools that they won’t use all that often and I didn’t. Any Canadians reading this should check out Canadian Tire as they frequently put sets like we have on sale for 70% off. That’s when we purchased ours.


  1. That pre survey is a quicky with lots of pictures so someone who would have to travel to view the boat can get a better “look” at the boat before the expence of flying in to actually see the boat. Something like that!

  2. You missed your calling.
    You are a great headline writer!


  3. That looks a nice full tap-and-die set. Metric presumably these days.
    It’s nice, smarter and better presented than (50) years ago, for sure!


  4. Sometimes it feels like if you don’t get 70% off on a tool at Cdn Tire, you got screwed. 🙂

    I look forward to a post on the pre-survey and what it entailed. I hope it goes well.

  5. Mike,

    I woke up this morning with the same problem. What’s a guy to do when your new best girlfriend, a sweet little PDQ32, can’t handle all the massive hardware you want to give her to keep her purring like a kitten? We want to keep her weight down so she looks good while cruising. That is especially true when you’re passing a monohull and the captain gets a long, lustful look at her rear end. I sure don’t want mine dragging in the surf and getting all bubbly! It just ain’t right! So, now I’m going to drive myself crazy dredging up my stored aviation knowledge regarding weight and balance. We want her to have a graceful entrance and an explosive exit, right? I like this sailing lifestyle.

    Joe Mc

  6. Mike, I think you got something on your mind there buddy. lol

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