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Frequently asked question #1, which asks “Where are you heading,” is now being more commonly phrased “What are your plans?” Of course, by plans, they mean where are we going and for people down here, that pretty much means either heading back north after hurricane season or traveling west towards the ABCs (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) and beyond.

Although we have some friends who will be heading west, including our buddies on Happy Times, our current “plan,” circa 2011, is to head north again following hurricane season, possibly as far as St. Martin. Our intention is to fill in some of the gaps that we left during our fast track south. Next hurricane season will probably find us back in Grenada again, but after that, who knows!

Our friend Christian who visited us when we were back in the Virgin Islands, finished his around-the-world Jiu Jitsu trip back in July. The other day we received a postcard from him although because he didn’t know our actual location or how to mail us something, he bought one, scanned it and sent it via email. Hopefully we get him back on board some day soon.

Finally for today, here is a short video that I bet will “brighten your day.”

Of course, you could always spend a bunch of money on the marine version! 🙂


  1. Maybe next year I will hit Grenada for a charter!

  2. Thanks for making my mood and day brighter. The best things in life can be so simple yet have a enormous impact on peoples lives.

  3. A follower sent us a link to those solar lights as well – so cool!

  4. What a great video! Just goes to show that one person can make a difference, and without a lot of money! Your friend, Christian, had a great idea as well. We’d have never thought of scanning and emailing a postcard or letter!

  5. Hi there…sounds like you guys are in Grenada… Remember and put Trinidad and Carnival…(February) on the bucket list… Especially before heading West… It is a bear to come East… That’s why will find very few cruisers have made it over to Barbados…they stick to the Windward’s and Leeward’s.

    Trinidad is also a great place to get work done… Teak is indigenous to Trinidad, you can get great upholstery work done very cheaply…and it’s a great place to replace the mattress.

    I see from the Peake’s website that they have the same travel lift operator, Michael, that hauled our boat 4 times 10 to 15 years ago… He is simply the best.

    Since you have a cat I would recommend TTYA near Chaguaramas…as a place to anchor.

    Anyway that is advice from someone that swallowed the anchor nine years ago…stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy yourselves….

    • Trinidad is not such a great place to visit right now. Have you read that they are under a partial state of emergency? I think we’ll wait until they get themselves sorted out.

  6. I LOVED that video. How simple yet ingenious.


    swallowed the anchor? What does that mean, Gary?

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