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This is our third hurricane season in Grenada but unlike previous years, we have not been taking part in the plethora of regularly scheduled social activities, or at least not those that take place during the daytime hours. We do still monitor the morning VHF radio net (I am listening to it right now as I type this) and thus get to hear the long list of fun things that are going on. I know many of our friends have been joining in though, and having a good time because of it. We, on the other hand, have truly joined the likes of many of our Grenadian friends who have jobs. Rather than complaining, I’m actually finding it quite rewarding.

Yesterday a lot got accomplished on One Love. Our friend Simon Clay was on board installing our new inverter charger. He’s an obvious professional and we’re looking forward to having him back again today to finish up that job, and to help us with some other electrical items.

Our Freedom 2012 inverter charger waiting to be installed.

Here is the unit partially installed. In the background you can see the
blue Victron battery charger which will remain tied in for redundancy.

The cover for the blower partially reinstalled, another of yesterday’s jobs.


  1. When you have done all your repairs and modificatons, how much weight do you think you will have added to the boat?


  2. Can you put a can of Coke in your equipment shots so we can get some perspective regarding the size of the components you are working with/on.


  3. Problem with can of beer is that there are tons of different sizes, Coke is pretty much standard at 12 oz and is available most places. Also would not detract from discussion as everyone would try to read the label on the beer can and try to figure out what it was, if they had ever had any, and then want you to ship them some. Alcohol has that effect!

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