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What do catamaran owners do when the wind shifts in their anchorage and they find that they are now sitting with only 0.1′ under their keels? I don’t know what everyone does but I took it as a great opportunity to clean the bottom of our boat. Being able to walk all the way around ZTC made the job pretty painless.

One huge benefit to having a catamaran is that even if the tide dropped so low that we sat on the ground, the soft sand wouldn’t hurt anything and the boat would remain upright. Not necessarily so with a monohull!

There are several walking/hiking trails on Stocking Island where we’re anchored and we finally today had the chance to tackle one of them. As usual, we had to turn their little hike into a multi-mile jaunt, sometimes across rocks so sharp that if we had fallen down on them, we probably would have been impaled. The undeveloped beaches on the east side of the island sure are beautiful though and you can’t help but stand in awe of the power of the sea when you see the big waves crashing onto the rocks. We’re just glad that we’re not anchored over on that side of the island, that’s for sure.

Working our way up to the monument.

Looking out over Hamburger Beach (or perhaps Honeymoon Beach, we get confused).

We made it to the top.

What goes up must go down.

Playing in another cave.


Powerful waves!

Amazing blue sky!

It’s all fun and games until an unexpected wave comes along.

Looking down the coast, deciding where we’re going to go.

Hey little buddy.

On our way home, back on the west side of the island.

One thing we’re not doing today is attending any parties or functions, even though there is a birthday party being held at one of the beach bars (Happy Birthday Michele). We are partied out from last night after attending Rockin’ Ron’s Beach Party at Chat ‘n’ Chill and following that up by zipping over to Georgetown to attend Monday’s Rake ‘n’ Scape at Eddie’s Edgewater. What is Rake ‘n’ Scrape? We didn’t really know until we got there but the musicians use old saws and buckets along with more traditional instruments to bang out some awesome music. Both parties were a blast!

Some of the “entertainment” at the beach party. 🙂

The girls have their party hats on!

The gang at Rake ‘n’ Scrape.

Not my uke, but it is pretty, isn’t it?

And the beat goes on!

Oh, and last on the news front, we’re happy to report that Tohatsu-Sama is continuing on down to the Caribbean, albeit without us. In fact, I believe that he left today, after signing on as new crew on s/v Magic Carpet Ride. Take good care of him, Deitmar! 🙂


  1. Enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing your adventures….they are highly inspiring! 🙂
    My husband and I contemplate a similar adventure sometime down the line (currently we’re in the middle of another adventure…building a straw bale house and small farm).
    Been reading along for awhile now…just figured I drop in and send good wishes and thanks!
    Be Well,
    Sandra in Texas

  2. Oh, I’m so glad to see the two of you having such fun! I couldn’t walk on those hikes you take, but I sure do enjoy hearing about them and seeing the pictures! Enjoy!

  3. Is that the washington monument?

  4. You guys give new meaning to my SouthernHiker moniker. I almost feel like a “northernhiker” up here in Georgia…gasp 🙂

    I’m taking notes now, we’re beginning boat shopping this weekend I think.

  5. BTW, you may have noticed the monument overlooking the appropriately named “Monument Beach” is no longer straight. It happened when we climbed up there in 2008, I thought was just kidding when I said to the group we were with, “Hey, this thing’s not that heavy!” You can imagine my shock when the whole thing shifted…

    Fair Winds,

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