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That’s it… we’ve had enough bashing to windward! This whole thornless path-thing is not working out for us, and obviously we’re not the only ones who feel this way. For example, our friends on R Sea Kat made the decision to only sail where the wind is blowing to. What a concept! Although we were together in Georgetown, they are now in Panama and will be going through the canal to the Pacific in just two weeks. Doesn’t that sound awesome? We have decided to follow in their wake and head directly there as well, bypassing the DR, Puerto Rico and the Virgins Islands. Good bye T&C… hello Panama!

Pacific Ocean, here we come!


  1. R U April fooling us? 🙂

  2. thats so cool………no plans just go and do what you feel is right

  3. Good for you! Peter lived in Panama during his childhood. Check out Ceilydh Sets Sail – found them on Cindy’s blog. They have been along the Mexican coast and they have some great information. They are getting ready to cross the Pacific. Have a great weekend! Look forward to this new direction you are taking!

  4. So many new sailors don’t make it down island in this direction. It’s hard, and there’s lots of islands, reefs and rocks to avoid all while beating to windward. My opinion is that they don’t have the offshore experience to trust themselves and their boat. The sane way to get down island is to jump offshore from Beaufort,NC,or further north, try and pick as good a window as you can to cross the stream and be in the Virgin Islands in about a week. No land or reefs to crash into, straight shot you and your boat. I was rooting for you anyway.

    So now, getting to Panama, you’ll get that offshore experience sailing “with” the wind. Nothing wrong with that!

  5. Has no one noticed that the map of the Panama Canal cannot be correct? IS it just me, or isn’t it that if you’re looking North, the Atlantic will be on your RIGHT, and the Pacific on your LEFT? Ummmm…. hmmmm…..

  6. aaaaaand now that I’ve spent 15 minutes staring at a map – I can see how this map is correct afterall… The Canal does not run East to West… It’s almost Northwest to Southeast, because of the curve of the landmass. Still seems strange, but it IS correct afterall! I stand corrected!

  7. I’d be stopping in Cuba while you’re there. This is a country that is changing each year and Castro won’t be around forever so when he’s gone Cuba could become another Bahamas or Puerto Rico (heaven forbid!!) so now is the time to experience this old world country. I know I’m bias toward Cuba but millions of Canadians agree with me each year. Just adding my 2 cents worth…..Mark

  8. You can’t be serious. This has to be an April Fool’s joke.


  9. Van Sant’s whole concept is not to bash …. playing island lees etc. Your going to miss some special experiences by hauling ass for the canal. All the best.

  10. ALWAYS check the date before believing the post! 🙂

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