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  1. That picture makes me miss our Wilbur! Our pitty is in Doggy Day care while we’re on this trip. But he’ll be with us when we leave again in January.

  2. Hey – look out for some friends of ours, Geoff and Tina, on their Morgan 41 called S’Ours, who left Deltaville, Virginia yesterday heading for Norfolk. UK flagged. They left here (UK) in 2005 and have been up and down the east coast of the Americas ever since. Best people!

  3. Yeah – we saw it thanks. We might move our blog next year, as sailblogs, is a wee bit limited, especially with this spot plug-in you’ve got here. Also just starting a writing blog, plus a site for Pip’s silverware. But the jobs market here is grim so everything must be as free as possible.

  4. What an adorable puppy! Whose is she?

  5. SPOT makes stalking so much easier 🙂 haha! You’re almost in the warm weather!

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