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While, for the past week, I have continued to post about boat-related topics, the only subject on the minds of everyone in Grenada has been the whereabouts of Linnea Veinotte. After heading out for a jog with her dog on the morning of December 6th, Linnea went missing, sparking a huge island-wide search by both police and civilians. The investigation lead the police to search for a young man, and after he surrendered himself to the authorities, information was apparently made available which helped them to locate Linnea’s body. Needless to say, this is hugely disturbing to all of us.

While we never met Linnea or her children, her husband Matt was a manager at one of the local boat chandleries, and was always extremely helpful and friendly towards us. I can’t even imagine what he and the kids are going through right now! I know that senseless tragedies occur on a daily basis around the world, but it’s not until they hit close to home that most of us really stop to take notice. Grenada is, by and large, such a friendly and safe island that it’s hard for most of us to believe that a crime like this could take place here. Our most sincere condolences go out to the Veinotte family, and to all of Linnea’s friends.

A Facebook Page has been created in her memory.


  1. Incredibly sad. I am relieved there is some closure. Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Linnea…

  2. We go about our lives but concern for Linnea was always there in the shadows. And now we weep for Matt and the boys. Tragic and heartbreaking forever.

  3. Yes, I have been following this for days and am incredibly sad about the outcome

  4. I to have been following this for days I am very sade of what happend, sincere condolences to the Famîly and friends.

  5. Marie and I spent a couple years in Grenada and found it to be very safe and the locals awesome.
    It truly breaks our hearts to hear about this senseless action.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Matt and their children.

  6. I have never met Lianna myself but I have friends that knew her really well . She was well loved & will truly be missed . The news has been devastating but I’m sure she has gone home to her Lord & Saviour . We are sending our Deepest Sympathies to her Family at this sad time <3

  7. Following this story for days…deeply saddened by the outcome.
    Sincere condolences for the family and friends.

  8. So sorry to hear of this outcome. Thoughts and prayers for her family and friends. I hate these senseless losses of young people.

  9. Grenada is not a safe country. It is rated in the top 40 for murder rate in the world and there are hundreds to thousands of unreported rapes, robberies, and assaults mostly against women that go unreported there. Their police force by and large is only there to shake down tourists and students for money. It is definitely not a safe country, but most people are nice like anywhere. Just be safe when traveling there and remember you are definitely on your own there. Policing is almost non-existent.

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