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We’re off for a two week cruise, or at least, we are pretending to do so. Rebecca had the excellent idea that she would like to plan and shop as if we were going to be away from land for two weeks. And so she did. She worked her way through various provision lists earlier in the week and then set off on her own to go shopping yesterday afternoon, after a full day of boat work I might add. As I told a friend of ours about this little experiment, I have complete faith in Rebecca’s planning and shopping. It is my impulse control that I have less faith in. We’ll see how it goes.

Oooo… are those cinnamon buns I see in the foreground of that pic?


  1. We did this for our 35 day trip. Well, kind of. We bought all of our dried stuff and canned knowing we would be able to replenish fresh stuff. It went well with a few glaring exceptions (we ran out of shampoo!). We are thinking to do the same in the next 45 (!!!) days and see how long we can go without buying any more dried/canned goods.

  2. Umm.


    I don’t see any beer in that picture.

  3. I am a little dissapopinted in what i see on the table……i thought you guys just ate fruit, nuts and vegetables to maintain those 6 packs…….now i have a whole new perception of you guys…….as far as the toilet paper goes, i thought you had a bidet aboard that yacht…….

  4. Heading for the Carribbean on your “trip”?

    Stock up on beer
    Stock up on paper towels.
    Develop a taste for sardines.

    But Rum is dirt cheap. What else matters?

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