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Because at the moment we are in Canada, that’s why! The temperature has dropped considerably in the last few days making us search for an extra blanket or two to take the chill off. That nice custom screen door we just had made isn’t even getting used at night because it is so chilly! Today we visited our marina’s office to once again confirm that we will be needing winter storage for our boat after hauling it out. We are officially still on the waiting list but were assured by Hub, the marina’s owner that it wouldn’t be an issue. We wrote down our proposed haul-out date as October 23rd. I bet it gets a tiny bit cooler before then. How exciting!

We actually have no real idea what we are doing with respect to the haul-out procedure, having never done it before. I wish we could talk Katana’s previous owners to come down for a visit and help us out. What do you say guys? David? Jackie?

Instead of winter storage I would really rather just focus on the nice, warm beaches we will be spending our time on next year!


  1. Gee…I think Christmas in Halifax sounds like just the mid-winter, mid-countdown get away you guys need….hot tub, margarita’s anyone?


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