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Yes, it’s true. I just wanted to let everyone know that since we now have Google ads showing up in the right hand side bar of this blog, Rebecca and I are going to be rich. It might take a while, but think about it… if we make a penny from each of the visitors that come to this blog, we’d have enough money to… buy an expensive lunch once per MONTH! But we’re not discouraged by that. Just check out the image below showing just one day’s earnings:

Oh, and I should probably point out that the penny earned in the above pic didn’t even come from the ads on this Blog. It came from the ads that show up on Rebecca’s TRX video embedded below. The Blog’s ads actually made us nothing, but again, we’re not discouraged. 🙂


  1. And why do ads for “Florida Gay Cruise Hotel” keep showing up. Are they trying to tell us something? 😉

  2. Yeah, rich….

    Today’s Earnings: 0.27
    View payment history

    View: All time
    Page impressions Clicks Page CTR Page eCPM ? Earnings
    AdSense for Content 9169 35 0.38% 1.80 $16.49

  3. Don’t spend it all in one place!

  4. I think we are up to “two cups of coffee” now!


  5. Yeah, we have the ads on our site too. We’re hoping that by the time we “set sail” in a year or so we might have enough earned for a bottle of champagne. That might be a bit too extravagant however.

  6. I am up to $27 all time earnings after 6 months or more. But haven’t seen a penny of it yet because I think you have to have earned $100 before they send it.

    I clicked an ad on here yesterday! I will make that my exit from now on.

  7. Yeah rich. They owed me $20.00, then sent me a notice I was cut off. They thought I was a bad risk!!

  8. Yes, Verdi is all we’ll probably earn from these ads. We’ll make it a point to exit all of your sites with an ad click.

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