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It’s definitely been a while since I’ve made a post about exploring on a tropical island. And that makes sense because it’s been a while since we’ve actually been on one! All that was rectified yesterday though as Rebecca, Michael and I cast off the docklines and moved One Love from the Moorings base over to Deadman’s Bay on Peter Island. While not a long trip, it was very welcome, and happily we got off the dock without any drama. It’s obvious to me that we have a long learning curve ahead of us with this new boat. Good thing I enjoy learning new things!

Warning: Our blog was referred to as narcissistic the other day by a less-than-pleasant commenter. There are a few photos of Rebecca and I in the image series below. If you are of that same mindset and photos like this offend you, please tune in to a different channel. If not, please carry on. 🙂

Not only have we not done any hiking, we have not even been swimming
in the ocean in over 5 weeks. That is serious!


  1. Good to see ya where you belong…..Great photos!

  2. I’ve been following you guys for a while now and I like the pics with people and without! Pics with people make it real. I like a nice mix of beautiful pictures of landscape and people. We are working toward living full time on our boat but will stick to the intracoastal waterway on the east coast beginning in Florida and just continually head north taking left turns exploring all of our beautiful rivers. We think we have found our niche on the water to make a living at it and will begin implementing it this fall. Can’t wait. Love your website/blog the way it is. Carry on.

  3. Thankfully people like you describe are in the minority. Keep in mind you are doing a great job at keeping people like that in their zone of narcissism…

    PS. You know I am not a big hiker, I prefer in and especially under the water. Having said that, the walk around Sandy Cay is a favorite… Have fun!

  4. I love seeing pictures of you guys and I often put myself in many of my photos. I think it draws people in and puts an important personal touch to it. Carry on guys and keep up the good work.
    One Love!


  5. How can a “personal” blog be anything but narcissistic?
    It’s about you and YOUR adventures. Keep the pictures coming!

  6. Love the pics, keep them coming

  7. narcissistic???? Who in Hell does not take pictures of themselves and loved ones in photos of places they visit? Dang, never knew I was narcissistic!

  8. My morning is going better already! Michael and Rebecca are in the Caribbean and the world is back to rotating the right direction. You’ll be a pro at that boat by…………. day after tomorrow!!! I’d sail with you today though!

  9. Awesome pics. I was sailing there about 3 years and love the BVI. I’m still trying to figure out what was so offending about these pics. Some people can be so thin skinned. Carry on!!

  10. Enjoy your narcissism very much! Keep it coming!
    And welcome back to the islands! Must feel good!

  11. I happen to love seeing the photos with the people whose sailing blogs I’m following. My sweetheart and I are shopping for our first sailboat so soon we won’t have to live vicariously anymore! Hahaha, then maybe I’ll become narcissistic too and post smily faced photos of me sailing the 7 seas!!! Keep the good times coming guys!

  12. I have followed the two of you since the start, met you in Oriental, N.C. What you are doing is SHARING!!! You’re sharing a great adventure. You’re showing that is wonderful fun, hard work at times and from the looks of things, cruising is great for your health. Some of your adventures there is the two of you, nature, boat and water. Ignore jealous people!!

  13. So, someone came to YOUR blog, about YOUR journeys and life experiences, and called YOU narcissistic?

    I think we need a few more pictars!!

  14. Welcome back. Keep the posts coming. Nice new boat. You’ve inspired me. In fact, I just bought a Condor-40 tri and will begin the adventure mid Sept bringing JAZ from Boston down to FLA for the first season. Hope I have as much fun as you two have. Maybe we may even cross paths in the Caribbean next year. Chris in Hawaii….

  15. Welcome back. Lovely pictures too.

    It would be very interesting if you can explain or comment on what you find to be so different with the bigger, newer, heavier, more powerful cat. My cat is nothing like as good as your PDQ. However, I have some general ideas of what might be entailed, but I have never done it.


  16. It is call AB envy! If I had ABs like yours and Rebecca’s I would show them off too…. Great Blog! Keep the posts coming! Sail safe on the new boat.

  17. I enjoy the pictures, always have, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if there’s more technical pics within the mix. People pretty much know how beautiful it is, and it never sucks to be reminded with awesome pictures, but I think just as many followers want to see some of the guts and grit of the lifestyle as well. Not that you haven’t shown them, but now with the new big boat, and I’m sure your feeling how big, let’s see her too! 🙂
    And just for the record…I would love to see a picture of Rebecca with a scowl on her face, just once, other than that giant smile that seems to be so permanent. 🙂 😉

  18. What cracked me up when I read the comment about what a sad place the internet has become is that you were actually accused of narcism. What is that, pretending you are an undercover drug enforcement agent? I don’t get it.
    Keep up the good work!

  19. Ha, narcissistic? It’s perfect. I harken back to the time you unclogged the crapper; although kinda funny now, that is exactly why my wife and I will always follow. That real, practical, no nonsense part of what you guys are doing is invaluable to those of us who want to learn and to those who already know but may find a different way of doing things.

    Those of us who have been around for a bit understand how y’all have opened your lives to us and we are thankful for it. Some are critical of everything, take it for what it is, feedback from someone with a different point of view, watever view that is; trust me it’s……perfect.

  20. Work hard, save like hell, sell everything, buy a sailboat, start sailing in the Caribbean, start a blog and live life. The negative commenter probably can’t pull him/herself away from the computer to do any of the things you guys have done. It takes guts, confidence and a will to take the leap of faith which a lot of people can’t do. So don’t worry about 1 person who doesn’t have the confidence to pull it off! You guys have already done it!!!

  21. I have read your entire blog (mostly) over the past year. My husband and I hope to one day buy and live on a boat. No, we have no experience at all, but we have plenty of time to rectify that. But that is beside the point. I love reading your blog, and it is your blog. That’s the point of a blog, to write about yourself and your adventures and what you like. If someone doesn’t like what you write, they don’t have to read it.

    The best blogs are those written about the blogger.

  22. Although you wrote this almost one year ago, I have te leave a comment. I just found out about your blog and I love it! One day my partner and I hope to make our own sailing trip through the Caribbean and your journey is very inspiring to us. But what I especially like are the beautiful pictures you take of each other. For me they’re not at all a sign of narcissism but a sign of your happiness and the deep love you feel for each other. Thank you for sharing them and best regards from Holland!

  23. Your blog is helping so many in different ways. They’re just jealous of Rebecca’s six pack.

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