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It has been exactly one week now that Rebecca and I have been living aboard Katana. We have continued to work to make our new boat into our home. Katana’s previous owners were obviously in love with her and it is easy to see why. Although we will likely make some equipment additions to her over the next year to get her ready for the Caribbean she is even now a comfortable boat to live on and we have already experienced how quick and safe she is to sail.

Last Monday, Rebecca’s birthday, we participated in a VHF Radio Operators course. I am pleased to announce that we both passed and are now legal to use our ship’s radio. This is a good thing as we may need to call our Marina for help to get us back into our slip, if and when we finally get the chance to get out sailing! The funny thing is yesterday I turned on the radio for the first time, just to listen to channel 16 to hear what is up. When I stepped off the boat to go to use the marina facilities the radio apparently started a loud siren noise. Rebecca was initially startled and concerned, thinking that I had set off some distress signal before leaving. Fortunately I did not and thus there were no Coast Guard ships looking for us, although I hear we did have some of our marina neighbours looking strangely at us.

Rebecca getting some sun on the boat.


  1. hidy ho neighbor
    you have been quite the addition to the neighborhood. we too liked the shiy pom poms. can’t wait to party along side in the carribean. ahhhh but to dream

  2. Glad to hear living on the boat rocks. A sail down to the caribean sounds wonderful. Congrats on the VHF course!
    Rebecca, miss you on the forum already!

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