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Just a few of the bars in the neighborhood…


  1. Guys… When at the Annapolis boat show you must go to the Middleton Tavern’s bar and order 2 oyster shooters. You will then want to order a whole tray ! The Middleton Tavern is across the street from the northwest corner of the harbour. My wife and I love this place !

    Whistler II
    PDQ 32 #41

    P.S. We hope you guys stop by West Palm Beach on your way to the Bahammas!

    • hmmm… an oyster shooter. I’m not sure what that is but we’ll try to make that happen. Thanks for the tip! As for West Palm Beach, I think we will be going through there on the way down the ICW (I think). If so, we’d love to get together! Maybe you could shoot us an email with some details, Mark.

  2. … and you certainly had to *at least* be standing outside each of them to get the pictures…

  3. It might also make for an interesting trip home at the end of the afternoon! i think I counted 12 pictures! That’s a lot of beers, even at one per bar!

  4. oyster in shot glass, add tequilla and down the ole hatch….have a few but you wont be doing trx the next day…have a few on me

  5. Mike & Rebecca,

    Welcome to Baltimore! You replied to my SailNet message regarding the festival this weekend. You’re just a few docks from my boat. If you’re around on Thursday I’ll buy a drink at one of the many Fell’s Point drinking holes.


  6. Wow! Awesome. I can’t wait to go there. You guys are so lucky. Very jealous.


  7. The Middleton Tavern’s oyster shooters are two shots, one with the oyester and cocktail sauce and the other shot is beer. Tasty !

    I will send you some details on West Palm Beach as you get nearer…. But we’d love to treat you guys to at least a couple of beers if not dinner at the local pub.


  8. I was worried about you going dry but between the rain and the bars it sounds like you two will be just fine.

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