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Thanks to everyone who supported our Dyneema contest application. We won and so did our friend Cindy!

We just received this email:

Dear all,
It’s now official. You are one of the 40 skippers of the ‘2011 Dyneema® Experience Team’.
You have proven your enthusiasm for sailing, your engagement with social media and your perseverance in getting as many online crew members as possible.
We will re-rig your boat completely free of charge with ropes made with Dyneema®. In the upcoming days you will be contacted by us to gather your boat details. We need this information to make sure you will receive the right running-rigging before the 21st of April.
In middle of April we will send you all details about the second phase of the campaign. The official start of this second phase is 21st of April 2011, and you all are competing for that master class with a friend on one of the Volvo Ocean Race Yachts in Alicante by the end of this year.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.
Looking forward to a great sailing summer and we’ll keep in touch!
Best regards,
DSM Dyneema


  1. Congratulations. That’s pretty cool.

  2. How cool and great for you!! I saw where Cindy also won! Have a great weekend. . .

  3. Wow that’s great you two!! From what I’ve read that stuff is great.
    Read you every morning with my coffee…keep on trucking

  4. Awesome! We were really hoping ya’ll would win … congrats!

  5. Keep an eye on your gear case on that outboard that had the line on it. That stuff will wipe out shaft seals on outboards. You might be wise when you get to a place where you can do it to drain that gearcase and look for any sign of water (causes gearcase oil to be whiteish or foamy). Boats can’t take unlimited pounding, cats have huge twisting loads on them, you’ve already had a stress crack show up, it’s telling you something. Shorten sail and slow down when it’s rough.

  6. Two thumbs up!

    The one place I have used Dymeena on my PDQ and NOT liked it was the traveler. Keep your old line just in case.
    * No stretch. One well-know world cruiser uses climbing rope specifically so that it does stretch on jibes. When I re-do mine in a few years, it will be with nylon. This is also a concern on the mainsheet; no shock absorption on jibes. Granted, there is no shock on jibes if well done; just sayin’.
    * Stiff. Doesn’t go through the blocks as well as yacht braid. It’s acceptable but not better. I’m sure this varies with the line.
    * Stength. Simply not a factor. Clothesline would hold.

    Also the out-board up-haul ropes should be breakable. I’ve cut them; it would be worse if they held.

    I’ve had high-tech halyards and sheets and liked them fine. Very durable and very light.

  7. Congratulations Mike on your win! Glad we could help support the effort! Keep up the great sailing and updates, I too enjoy a good blog read with my morning coffee.

  8. Congrats on your win! Glad i could help in my small way by supporting your effort. I too enjoy reading your blog every morning, always interesting.


  9. Cool. Congrats!. Good to see you are on the move again and cant wait to read your review of the new lines. Lets just hope they dont try to FedEx them to you.
    I dont think you will make it to St. Maarten by Easter (too much to see in between)but. I will be flying in during Easter weekend to pickup a boat for delivery to TO. I still need one experienced hand for the leg to NYC leaving 1 May. Anyone interested can contact me at steve(at)
    Keep up the reports, they are enjoyable.

  10. Wow that’s fabulous! Congratulations!!

    So when they say they will re rig your boat, does that mean they send someone out to do it for you?

  11. You lucky dogs!
    Not that you won but that you have so many friends!

  12. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    Hi & yup congrats to you both & all the “crew” that are there with you/following 🙂 you keep this up & you will need a bigger Boat. “web page” lol

  13. Congratulations! I’m so glad both you guys and your friend Cindy won. It will be interesting to see how it works for you.

  14. Congratulations! I’m happy for you, I know you probably wonder why some silly woman sitting on her deck in the middle of North Texas would be following your sailing, but it’s because I like to support anyone with a sense of adventure. I can’t even remember how I ran across your blog, must have been something to do with my daughter’s sailing adventures. At any rate, I’m happy you will be receiving new rigging. Every little bit helps.

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