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Here is an update on some of the the equipment that we have installed on board. I have written about the issue that we had with our CruiseRO watermaker and also about the replacement O-Rings that the owner of the company sent to us in the hopes that it would solve the problem. Unfortunately, it did not. Without even a second thought Rich then went on to send us two brand new pressure vessels that he personally tested to make sure that there would be no further issues. I am happy to report that now, with the new ones installed, our watermaker is producing beaucoup (a lot!) fresh water, at least as much as the 40 gallons per hour that the system is advertised to produce. Thanks Rich for the great service in getting us up and running.

I also wrote about the Freedom 2012 inverter/charger that our friend Simon installed for us when we were in Grenada. Unfortunately, that has also had some issues with the inverter portion of the unit seemingly having crapped out.

This was one piece of gear that we could have saved a bit of money on by purchasing it online in the USA but instead, we opted to purchase it from our friend Bas at Budget Marine in St. Maarten. Why Budget? Because I knew they would look after us if there was a problem. Guess what? They are looking after us! To my knowledge there is a brand new inverter/charger waiting for us at the Budget store here in St. Thomas, just waiting for us to pick it up. After getting all of the details, Bas had one shipped over to us to swap with the one we currently have installed. My plan is to get that looked after before our charter next week.

Yes, our first charter begins in less than 7 days! Are we excited? You bet. Last night was Michael and Julie’s last night on board and we celebrated by making them a batch of home made ice cream. This morning they have plans to go flyboarding. After they depart this afternoon, Rebecca and I will be 100% in charter-preparation mode. We know that our guests are very excited about their trip and we plan to make it a memorable one!


  1. Great! You have had the trial run that sounds as if it went brilliantly. You have given the systems a good testing and the issues are fixed. Now it gets really interesting for you. Revenue earning – brilliant! All that preparation, now it is real.

    I hope they are nice people.

    Good luck.


  2. Wow! Your first charter. Best of luck.

  3. Hi Mike, Rebecca,
    I hope you have collected the replacement Xantrex and managed to set it up fine by now.
    It’s really unfortunate it broke down.
    I appreciate the great feedback you’ve given and would like to thank you for that.
    May I add that our warranty department and our colleagues in St Thomas have greatly assisted to get it solved rapidly and easily.
    All the best and have a nice charter.

    • Funny that you commented because I just sent you an email. Yes, the folks at Budget here in St. Thomas were very helpful when I met with them yesterday. We plan to swap the unit tomorrow. Just to be certain everything goes OK, I have employed an electrician to do the job. Thanks again!

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