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Fortunately for us, we don’t need to cruise too far to find beautiful scenery. In fact, the area we live in is probably one of the best cruising grounds in the country.

We spent the last two evenings in Navy Bay, a new-to-us anchorage just in between Fort Henry and the Royal Military College. Not only are the sights of the old fort and towers compelling, we were treated to bagpipes, drums, fireworks and the odd canon shot (more on that last item in a moment).

Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario.

Yesterday, in a break between the showers, we decided to hop in our dinghy and zip around the point to check out the adjacent bay. With all of the required safety gear, paddles, camera, dinghy anchor, etc. on board, we set off for the relatively long trek (the longest we have made to date in our dinghy). Shortly after turning around to come back I made the comment that we really needed to make sure we check the fuel level before setting out, and perhaps bring along the spare can. The engine no doubt heard this and within minutes stopped dead. Right… out of fuel. What a great excuse to exercise, right? A nice long row back to our boat.

Katana anchored below one of the Martello Towers.

Remember that I mentioned we were just below Fort Henry? On the trip back, we were actually close enough to hear some military commands being issued on the hill above us, although not quite close enough to distinguish what was being said. If we had been able to tell what the commands were, we might not have been quite so surprised when they shot off a cannon right above us! Fortunately, we didn’t see any cannon ball lob into the bay near us so I’ll have to assume that it was not actually loaded. It startled us just the same.

Planning the next day’s sail.


  1. Absolutely beautiful…We always think of the caribbean as the place to be, but we forget out own cruising grounds…..When I take people out in the boat to Nantucket or Marthas Vineyard, they always say this is as good as bermuda or the caribbean….we take things for granted somethimes or we are always on the go and have no time to smell the roses….I see the model has a bikini on…..I thought the snow would be still melting…

  2. That is too cool that they fired a cannon above you. You should have hoisted the jolly roger and returned flare signals. >:)

  3. Yep, Tate…. what’s the point of hanging around outside the fort if you can’t make a show of it 😀

    A friend of mine has been working at that fort for a few summers now…. I keep being told it’s worth the trip; maybe this summer I’ll head over for the sunset ceremonies. (And yes, they’re shooting blanks- I don’t think the Wolfe Island ferry crew would appreciate a hail of ten-pounders raining down on their car deck.)

    On my break today, I saw the first big cat of the season out in front of the campus…. pretty sure it was you guys, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen another PDQ 32 in this area before. Glad to hear you’re having a good time!

    • Hey Matt

      More than likely that was us. Next time you see us throw some stones at us or something to get our attention:)

      As for the sunset ceremony, we attended the one that the US Marines were a part of. They were excellent (of course) but I remember being extra impressed by the fort henry crew who are only doing this as a part time gig. Definitely worth seeing at least once.

  4. Indeed, it is beautiful there. Post more pictures!


  5. Mike, you and Rebecca might want to take a side trip to Lake Erie to visit the International Peace Monument on Middle Bass Island, at the village of Put-In-Bay. It’s a lovely anchorage, and a fun place to visit, except during Bay Week, when it’s full of drunken sailors! Not only that, but the following week it’s full of drunken power boaters! However, if you come at the 4th of July, they do a re-enactment at the monument, and there is a free symphony concert and an impressive naturalization ceremony. Great fun, lots of fireworks, but DON”T raft off! Anchor out off the state park, instead. Or even come to Sandusky or Marblehead where it’s a lot less drunk! The only trouble with the Bay is that it’s full of drunks all summer. The last ferry off the island each evening is known as the “throw-up boat”. It is frequently met my local law enforcement when it gets to the mainland! The island is a bit short on jail space!

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