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New Year’s resolution 2016: To stop coiling lines.

Aside from that, Rebecca and I resolve to make 2016 a super memorable year. Best wishes to all of you!


  1. That is the best illustrative video on the subject that I have seen. Thank you.



  2. I learned that decades ago climbing. And yet there were always a few “experts” at the crag, ready to coil up lines the old way, because they thought it was neater. They were put off when I would not let them touch my rope. In fact, to avoid a huge tangle climbing, every time I got a new rope the first order of business was to recoil it before taking it out (the second reason, of course, is to inspect the full length).

    Even worse is the OCD fellow that coils electric cords with a twist, or even worse, hoses. There is a special level in hell for them. Arg. I once had all my stuff re-coiled wrong by a profession yacht crew while I was away in town (Cape May) (they were having a party and my house keeping didn’t suit the owner). I didn’t complain, since they also washed the boat!

  3. I have always coiled it over and under, which also eliminates the twist. I learned it in college while working audio at concerts. All microphone and guitar cords get ‘coiled’ over under.

  4. I also learned the over under technique while working on a video crew. The problem with the over under is that it is harder to teach to a rookie than the folding technique.

  5. Great video, I have been using the folding method for years as that is what my father taught me, but I have recently been trying to retrain my brain to use a figure eight coil as that is what I see most other sailors use. I did not want to get on someone’s boat and they say I coil their lines wrong. Now I don’t have to change. I had not seen the shoulder technique for big lines, nice tip. Thanks!

  6. Fantastic video!

    Love the graphic too
    Happy New Year

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