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For the first time ever we have a freezer full of fish! We caught a nice Mackerel while sailing from Long Island to Nonsuch Bay and a big Jack two days before that. No longer desperate for protein, we even threw back a Barracuda that we caught after the Mackerel (yes, we are aware of the dangers of Ciguatera poisoning and quite likley would have let him go anyway as he was pretty big).

Sorry for the abbreviated posts the last two days but the internet where we were anchored was excruciatingly slow making it almost impossible to upload anything (I worked for over an hour this morning trying to get this online). Now that we’ve changed anchorages, having moved over to Mamora Bay which has much faster internet, I’ll try to do a little better tomorrow. 🙂


  1. Thats quite a picture……..they both look great……

  2. Spanish make awesome ceviche!

  3. Rebecca looks hot!

  4. Is that a Spanish Mackerel?

  5. I don’t know what you are doing to your wife, but she looks as fit and as slim as that lovely fish! 🙂


  6. Mamora Bay looks as though it has a nasty swell, judging by the Google maps image. So are you able to anchor anywhere you like to avoid this or are there areas reserved for the likes of St James Club etc. What is the general rule in these places please?

    Also, are you cursed with all the good beaches being closed/private/guarded as happens in places I have been, (not in the WI)?


    • There is a fairly large swell outside but the bay is almost completely isolated from it. We are hardly moving at all. The bay is large and we could anchor pretty much wherever we wanted.

      As for beaches, ALL beaches in Antigua are public. You may not be permitted to venture much past the high-water mark in some places but you can always go on the beach.

  7. It took me 5 minutes to realise there was a fish in the picture LoL!

  8. You better be working out too Mike, I’d be worried about the lonely single handers Shanghi-ing her!

  9. I assume Rebecca is holding on because the sea is at such an angle down there.

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