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We made it to the Hudson River… TWICE! I wrote this post while our boat was tied to the wall at the Number 2 Guard Gate but the crappy internet connection made it impossible to post it. Now at Waterford, with a reliable connection, we can finally get it online (more on Waterford shortly).

The Number 2 gate is on the upstream side of a series of 5 locks known as the Waterford Flight.

From the guide…

“These locks provide the highest lift (approximately 150 feet) over the shortest distance of any canal in the world.”

We stopped on this wall after traveling about 5 hours yesterday, looking to get an early start down the steps on Wednesday. While waiting there though, we struck up a conversation with a nice gentleman from a nearby house and he offered to take us around for a “little” tour. What followed was a four+ hour history lesson and a drive around Waterford, Cohoes and Troy. Awesome stuff. Thanks Emmett!

The Waterford Flight includes Locks 2 through 6.
Lock 1 is a Federal Lock which we have yet to go through.

Note the distance to the eastbound lock. You can see one lock from the next.

It’s a long way down!

Rebecca and our “tour guide,” Emmett.

At the dock in Waterford they have constructed a walkway out of bricks representing the entire canal system. It is very cool. These bricks represent the Waterford Flight.

In the distance you can see our boat tied to the wall at the top of Guard Gate 2.
Emmett drove us way over to the other side. It looks like our boat is on top of the dam but it’s actually several hundred yards away.


  1. WOW! That is so cool . . . It is also very nice of you to take the time to see things other than rushing thru your canal trip. Makes this Southerner want to visit N.Y.

    Can’t wait to hear what is next.

    S & P

  2. Glad you cleared things up about your boat and the dam. The picture looks like you’re about to go over!

  3. Well, Mike, I trust you not to go over a dam sideways, at least! No matter what the picture shows! It’s been wonderful to ride along with you and Rebecca on this trip.

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