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St. Barth’s, we love you, you’re beautiful but honestly, we can’t afford you. Seriously! $10.00 US for a cappuccino? $10 euro for a draft beer and a coke? Who, other than the mega-yacht crowd, can afford this place?

Knowing that we were soon to make our departure, we had to take one final shot at getting out and seeing the island. And what better choice of transport for doing so than a 4-wheeler? The weather cooperated perfectly yesterday giving us a beautiful sunny day to explore. Thanks Mother Nature.

The steep hills of St. Barth’s rival Grenada’s making for a fun ride on the Quad, and being that it’s such a small island, we were able to travel from coast to coast and end to end without difficulty. It was a great day and we enjoyed both the postcard-like scenery, and lounging for a bit on Anse de Grande Saline, one of the beaches on the southern coast.

Today it’s our intention to move from Gustavia to Anse du Colombier. From there we may (that means might!) head off for a nice downwind sail to Saba. Stay tuned to find out what really happens.


  1. Is there some cool GoPro video of that tour?

  2. Wow! No matter how many photos I see on your site, I’m still amazed at how many beautiful places the world has to offer.

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